The Legendary Phenomenology "UFO Working Group"

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The Legendary Phenomenology "UFO Working Group"

Postby Gary » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:26 pm

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Re: The Legendary Phenomenology "UFO Working Group"

Postby ryguy » Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:25 pm

The line about keeping non-DoD out of the program initially is interesting.

You've provided the page with items 8 and 9, would you mind also showing (or linking to your site where you might have it stored) the entire document so people can see the context (and the date)?

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Re: The Legendary Phenomenology "UFO Working Group"

Postby Gary » Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:49 pm

Hi Ryan. The image was saved months ago and was forgotten in a file until yesterday. I recall the original time frame would have been late 1970s / very early 1980s and was probably connected to the GRILL FLAME project in RVing.

It is important to note that Col. Alexander has stated that Howard Blum mistakenly interpreted the "Working Group" with UFOs and not the RV'ing programs, which it was closely related to. It is also worth noting that DoD was allegedly concerned about INGO SWANN's UFO reports involving sunken submarines [CIA GLOMAR RECOVERY ?].

An interesting item I came across yesterday, from 1995:

(S/NF/WN) [SECRET -- NO FOREIGN NATIONALS -- WARNING NOTICE (multiple sources)] We provided a Project STAR GATE briefing to Mr. Lin Wells II Deputy to the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) for Policy Support. The focus of the briefing was on [full line redacted]. Mr. Wells indicated that he may recommend that the Defense Science Board receive our foreign assessments briefing. Also in attendance was Chief, PS.


This suggests that elements at DIA may have been scrambling to protect information on FOREIGN ASSESSMENTS from the Congressionally Tasked CIA STAR GATE takeover.

More interesting is another SG document with an attachment to a letter from DEFENSE GROUP INC to Director of Net Assessment (Pentagon) ANDY MARSHALL. The attachment concerns LOS ALAMOS experiments on human mind-to-mind telepathy with confirmation using MEG (Magneto-Encephalo-Graph).

Recall "Ron's" trip to LANL reported by Dan Smith to "talk to the aliens?"

January 6, 1992 letter from SAIC to PETE MC DUFF from EARLING DEGRAFF Subject: LANL Experiments:

"Please ask [redacted] to talk to [redacted three-letter name] if they have any questions regarding the test results. [redacted] does not want us to share any of the results with his people."

Here is Dan's report:

It was in about my second telephone conversation with Ron in Sept. '91, that contact having been initiated by me, that he reported his intention to visit Los Alamos to 'hunt for Aliens'. Quite naturally, I found this statement provocative. I reciprocated with my own provocation. I was, at that time, participating in the UFO Forum on CompuServe. I put out my own little 'press release' to the effect that 'Ron at the CIA' was planning to talk to the Aliens. I averred that this might not be necessary since I was the Holy Ghost and I could tell him what he needed to know about the end of the world. Furthermore, 'If Ron lets the air out of my tires, I will have my big sister tell Nancy Ellis on him.'

I had thought that this might put a crimp in Ron's MO, but it did not seem to. When I ventured to call him back in two weeks, he said that his phone had been quite busy. Even Whitley Strieber had wanted to know what was going on. I did not think I needed to ask him if he knew who Nancy was. She is the now former President's sister. He did ask me, in the future, to not refer to him as in the previous paragraph. Well, there has been much water under that bridge. In effect, I had blown his cover. None of his previous correspondents had done so, not to that considerable extent. You understand that George W. faces a possible jail term for possibly having committed a similar offense. Well, he is an officer of the government. I am not.

At the time of this incident, Ron was the head of the official interagency Phenomenology Group. As such he would need to be in contact with many of his co-'phenomenologists' around the world. There would have to be one or more global phenomenology networks among the mutually concerned parties. In fact it was my interest in the Crop Circle phenomenon in Britain that provided my entrée to Ron. It turns out that he was in close contact with a US citizen over there, in that 'field', who appears to be now, at least, a colleague. Ron might not have been willing to be completely reliant on his colleagues in British Intel, not for something that sensitive.

These are the bare circumstances of the transmission of my quasi-public 'key'. What did Ron tell his correspondents? My understanding is that the message was simple, 'Dan is crazy.' But if Whitley had heard about my outburst, what about Ron's global network? What were they told? Move forward four months and substitute Barbara for Nancy. Don't we then get a contrasting picture? There are now two dots that could be connected.


One more item of interest:

The briefings for MARSHALL also reference a foreign PHOENIX "feniks" DEVICE, related to "thought transferrence."
Another memo indicates that "a meeting with corporate management representatives of DELFIN SYSTEMS Arlington VA ... a briefing ... covered the history of Russian activity in the area of remote influence and provided a current assessment of the PHOENIX devices ..."
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Clearly Discerns Reality
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