UFO Magazine Supports The Nuno Alves UFO Fraud

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UFO Magazine Supports The Nuno Alves UFO Fraud

Postby ryguy » Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:33 am

Just received some info tonight about an article by researcher Pepe Chaves of Brazil regarding a fraud perpetrated over there by a man named Nuno Alves regarding an alleged "Netherlands UFO Crash." Pepe and his team successfully proved that the monument Alves claimed was created in memory of a Netherlands UFO crash was nothing more than just art. Researchers contacted the creator of the art and he confirmed that the monument had nothing at all to do with UFOs. Yet Nuno Alves continues on with his fraud.

What makes matters worse is that UFO Magazine published a front-cover photo of Alves standing by the monument and promoted his story. UFO Magazine editor Ademar Jose Gevaerd assisted Alves and other UFO groupies with making personal attacks against Pepe Chaves and his team of researchers...who ended up having to report those crimes to the authorities. Nuno Alves and A.J. Gevaerd had the audacity to call the researchers "unethical."

Please read Pepe's entire article here. I am posting this link to support Pepe and his investigative team.

The following is particularly interesting:

Posing beside this monument as a "researcher", Mr. Alves said that it had been created in the city of Almere Stad, as an allusion to the fall of a flying saucer in this city. As we showed in our article, we proved that the story was invented by the brilliant mind of Mr. Alves, seeking with that to be recognized in the "ufological world".

The lie gave to him opportunity to have a neat pose for the cover of the UFO Magazine (USA), beside the monument of UFO in Almere Stad. The "researcher" didn't even quoted the name of the author of that artistic monument. Thom Puckey is the author of the work, we were told by himself via e-mail that his work "Fallen" has nothing to do with UFO crashes in the Netherlands, but that the monument was ordered by an educational institution, located in the city. Puckey told us to ignore any story involving UFO fall of the Netherlands and stated that their artistic work represents "the art falling from the sky", as can be seen in explanations of the work in http://www.kunstenpubliekeruimte.nl/werk_483.html (obs.: the text is in Dutch language, to translate, copy and paste the text in the Google translator: http://translate.google.com/translate_t).

With the creation of a fictional character (Ivanderlan, ex-military), which apparently was the source of his information, Mr. Nuno Alves set up the UFO story, where the alleged former Dutch military, says he was witness of the crash and following rescue of an alien spaceship in Almere Stad. On that basis, he "travelled in mayonnaise (1)" with a story good enough for infants while deceiving for a while, many people throughout the world.

Moreover when the hoax was discovered and when we denounced it publicly what we got from Nuno Alves was not any protest to our claims and proves that we presented, when unmasking him, but instead we got only personal attacks. Taking advantage of that his buddy, A. J. Gevaerd – editor of the UFO Magazine in Brazil – joined him in those attacks, for which he is responsible for ventilating and opening space for aggression coming from his ufological gang, together with those form the group of his publication (in Yahoogroups), instigated for both of them when trying to denigrate us publicly. When they exceed their attacks, Ademar Jose Gevaerd and Nuno Alves were formally denounced to the police in the city of Belo Horizonte, and in the case of Nuno Alves, to the Interpol while Gevaerd was denounced to the police department of electronic crimes and digital frauds. Meanwhile Mr. Paulo Rogerio Poain, another one from the "UFO Gang" coordinated by Mr. Gevaerd was also denounced in the same police precinct accused – also – of doing the same crimes against my honour, "Libel, defamation and injury".

A.J. Gevaerd should be absolutely ashamed of himself. This story shows that UFO Magazine is nothing but a tabloid, not even worth the paper it's printed on. Toilet paper is worth more.

"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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