The Sun Ratchets Up Its Stupid Factor

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The Sun Ratchets Up Its Stupid Factor

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:59 pm ... 165801.ece

UFO sees Obama become President

ASTONISHING video of a UFO flying over President Barack Obama’s historic inauguration has appeared on the internet.

The video shows a dark object flying past the Washington Monument as nearly two million people gathered to witness America’s first black president be sworn into office.


But the best report we see in this video on YouTube where some "expert" analyzes the video and convinces himself it is NOT a bird... what looks like a bird's wings flapping (he sez) "is probably the camera"... yet he offers no technical explanation of how/why the camera would make an object in its field of view look like the flapping wings of a bird
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I also enjoy how he makes a big point out of how the object is flying behind or towards a tree. Yep, that is certainly not something one would expect a bird to do, right? #-o

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Re: The Sun Ratchets Up Its Stupid Factor

Postby Zep Tepi » Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:36 am

Yeah I saw that too, thanks for posting Ray.
The Sun are really pushing the UFO stuff at the moment, with no end of ridiculous stories backed up by outrageous leaps of logic. Nick Pope is becoming a bit of a regular with them. If his status as "serious" researcher wasn't in doubt before, it certainly should be now. Some of his comments have to be seen to be believed... :shock:

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