Advanced Propulsion and Energy Research Crossover into UFOs

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Advanced Propulsion and Energy Research Crossover into UFOs

Postby ryguy » Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:49 pm

This question is mostly for AD and Ray, as you guys probably have the most insight into the world of advanced propulsion/energy research.

In your opinion and considering the folks that you've interfaced with personally from various advanced physics research labs, like NASA BPP (Breakthrough Propulsion Physics) and other such organizations - do you notice that the majority of them have a tendency to follow "fringe" paranormal topics as well - such as Aliens and UFOs? I noticed the other day that many of the folks who have signed up and actively take part in groups that often discuss very, very odd topics (such as Sarfatti's group) are often also the folks who run advanced research forums or work at advanced technology research labs both for government and privately. Do you guys think that's accurate?

In other words, do you think those guys (or girls as the case may be) have a tendency to follow and interact on many ufo/alien forums, discussion groups and email lists?

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