Sightings, Tim White, and the Avenger

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Sightings, Tim White, and the Avenger

Postby pork » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:56 am


SO I am reading a lot, and working my way through RU. As I told MUR, I am several years behind at least...and that is how I like to keep it. I cannot stomach another Source A or SERPO nonsense--it took up too much of my time, and it really waste a waste of it. Having caught up on the Aviary, Bennewitz, Moore and LMH-I have to inject this. (I brought it up once on OMF, but this crowd is far more reasonable.)

'Sighting' was a nice little show in the 90's. Fox made a good run of it for five years. But how was that NOT mass media dis-information? The host...TIM WHITE was a Brig Gen in the USAFRes and held a PhD in Communications from UMass, a seasoned news anchor....and an Emmy 'winner'(?). I remember seeing the AVENGER video broadcast, thinking it was total crap. I couldn't believe they were showing it, considering how poor the video was. True most of the stuff was softball, but it still made a prime time mockery of the subject. I am not claiming White was working for the CIA and it was all a government ploy. What I am saying is that--> isn't this just one more straw on the pile to put this 'Core Story' deep into the subconscious of the people? The constant beating of the drum, pushing of strawberry ice cream. Otherwise--how the heck could a man of integrity be permitted to do the show. I can't believe that USAF brass would approve, unless they wanted him to.

Bring in the LMH connection, Ted Turner and ouch.....

My interest is based in my father's meeting TW @ the Pentagon like around 89 or they were gearing up for Desert Shield. Later my father saw him again--and told him I liked Sightings...and they had a good laugh about it. In cleaning out of my fathers effects--I found TW's business card. Wish I still had it.
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Re: Sightings, Tim White, and the Avenger

Postby Access Denied » Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:34 am

What is the Avenger video?

Have you seen this interview with Tim White?

Some snippets of his answers to a couple of questions that seem relevant to your query…

Q – How did you get the job to host “Sightings”?

A – I was a News Anchor in Washington, D.C. I got a call out of the blue from Henry Winkler who was doing a special for Fox and I was anchoring a Fox station. He said we’ve looked at a lot of tapes and we’re doing a special and we’d like you to host it for us. I said well, that’s very nice, what’s it about? He said, well, it’s gonna be good. We’re gonna take a really journalistic approach and it’s a difficult subject and we’re gonna do a First Class job. I said, yeah, but Henry what’s it about? He said it’s gonna be terrific. What’s it about? He said it’s about U.F.O.’s. I said I’m not interested. I could care less. Then we talked about it further and he said we really are gonna approach it in a way it hasn’t been approached.


Q – You do point fingers at official government programs. Has anyone ever tried to shut down “Sightings”?

A – They haven’t tried to shut down the program and they haven’t tried to shut down me. I spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C. and no one has ever suggested that I not ask a question or that we should not pursue anything.


This is a very important point: we on “Sightings” have never compromised classified material. We have never accused the government of lying.

What if anything about any of his answers are you skeptical of?

I suppose maybe one could argue Fonzie was working for the CIA… :)


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