Berwick, Maine UFO

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Berwick, Maine UFO

Postby ryguy » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:51 pm

Well this one hits a bit close to home. This is about 30 minutes from where I work. ... /703109761

The article is a riot and very tongue-in-cheek by the reporter. A local was even reported saying he didn't think it was a UFO because he didn't have a "missing time" episode. Ha!
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Re: Berwick, Maine UFO

Postby astrophotographer » Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:42 pm

Not much to conclude on this one. Could have been Venus (morning object these days) or could have been aircraft. Hard to say without more evidence.

EDIT: NOTE: Venus rose about 0430 AM which would put it low on the ESE horizon at the time of the sighting. It would appear very eerie IF he had a clear horizon to see it. I know that it has caught me off guard a couple of times when it rose in the middle of the night doing astrophotography. The first thought is, "oh great some police helicopter is going to come and ruin my shot". Then after a few seconds, you slap yourself on the forehead and realize it is Venus rising. Seeing a slim crescent moon rise is even more amusing because it looks odd through the trees until you realize what you are seeing.
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