A UFO I saw from my back garden

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Re: A UFO I saw from my back garden

Postby chrLz » Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:35 pm

mosfet wrote:While the video under slow motion and magnification shows what appears to be a blurry dot such as a pencil point under magnification, a lightened aura is visible in both the untouched and resampled video. This lighted area suggests some type of video manipulation. My guess would be that the video is man-made or fabricated. However that does not detract from the fact that it may represent an actual event as suggested by the op.

? Umm.. may I suggest you check all the areas where there is a boundary between light and dark..? This is simply a contrast enhancement effect or 'sharpening halo'. The more contrasty the edge, the stronger the effect. Check out the tree branches/leaves - the halo is even more obvious there because they seem to be in slightly sharper focus. All cheap/horrid cameras do that, and jpeg compression makes it worse.

While there is the slim chance it was faked, the ease with which you could do this simply by moving the camera while keeping it pointed in the same direction, invokes Ockham's Razor..

If/when I get time, I'll duplicate the effect.
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Re: A UFO I saw from my back garden

Postby JonCurcio » Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:13 am

Smersh, as far as your sighting is concerned, I saw something similar a few years ago. I think it was '09. I was driving about mid-day and following my father's car as he was going to get it inspected (as far as I remember) and I was to drive him home. On the way there, after turning onto another residential road, I briefly saw what looked to be a dark blue/gray sphere that was the size of a beach ball, maybe a little smaller. It was dead still and had a heavy and hard look about it. I only saw it briefly through my windshield as I passed underneath it, and it was just a little higher than the telephone wires. This is a road I drive often, so I know it wasn't part of anything there normally. It was really striking and odd to see it just dead still in the air. My father later mentioned it as he saw it too in his car and knew that I'd appreciate it. It was definitely strange.
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Re: A UFO I saw from my back garden

Postby Smersh » Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:46 pm

Thanks Jon. I believe quite a few people have reported seen orb-shaped objects apparently floating around in the air actually. Sometimes they stay where they are for a while and sometimes they shoot up in the air at great speed and out of sight.

In fact when I mentioned my own sighting to my elder son a few years ago (not the one I was playing football with - that was the younger of my two sons,) he said he too saw something very similar briefly out of the window of his flat in South London once, but that one also shot upwards and out of sight pretty quickly. And he has no interest in ufology whatsoever, never mentions it and it was only when I happened to mention the one I saw that he then told me.

As to what these things are, who knows? If they are some man-made secret military thing, they have certainly kept it well under wraps for many, many years now.
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