Cold and Spellbinding

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Cold and Spellbinding

Postby James Carlson » Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:06 am

I wonder how many UFO reports this will eventually generate over the next few weeks: ... erplanets/

"Your eye is a bit like a digital camera," explains optometrist Dr. Stuart Hiroyasu of Bishop, California. "There's a lens in front to focus the light, and a photo-array behind the lens to capture the image."

... There’s a tiny patch of tissue near the center of the retina where cones are extra-densely packed. This is called "the fovea."

"Whatever you see with the fovea, you see in high-definition," Hiroyasu says.

... "It’s spellbinding astronomy."

Well, I for one can hardly wait ... When you mix up biology, physics, astronomy, optical illusions, digital allusions, and "a tiny patch of tissue near the center of the retina," you're bound to track a UFO or six ... 8)
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