Old Canard, New Player (Roswell, Rinse, Repeat)

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Old Canard, New Player (Roswell, Rinse, Repeat)

Postby Luck » Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:15 am

Okay, so now former CIA PR and media relations guy Chase Brandon (and he is using a pen name) is claiming to have seen proof that an extraterrestrial craft did crash at Roswell. Well, he is also hawking a science fiction novel about the E.T. So how surprising is it that he would make revelations that seem to indicate that his book may be only partially fiction. Oh, did I fail to mention he claims he was the CIA's PR and media relations guy?

He's been all over the media in the last couple of weeks hawking his book and telling Roswell fairy stories to the dubiously unsophisticated. Anyway, I thought I would post this here just in case any of you were looking for something new... to well.....call B.S. on.

Randle thinks this guy is a phony.




edit: after I posted this I did see that Top Secrets Writers did a hit piece on Brandon as well. :roll:
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