UFO Lou20764 Exposed! - "UFO" Deception and Coverup

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UFO Lou20764 Exposed! - "UFO" Deception and Coverup

Postby Smersh » Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:22 pm

My friend Dave Greg, Youtube name Dazzathecameraman, has uploaded the following video to expose the prolific UFO hoaxer Lou20764, re a video of an "aircraft carrier size UFO" he uploaded to Youtube recently:

Here's Dave's uploader's notes and relevant links:

We take a look at the deception and coverup by Lou20764 regarding his "UFO" video "UFO ****AIRCRAFT CARRIER SIZE**** ''2'' CAMERAS!! -Melbourne Australia SEPT 2 2013 **EXCLUSIVE**"

Lou20764 has been deleting the comments and information that positively identify his "UFO" as a Chinese satellite launch..

See the links below for the identifying information...

Original video by Lou20764 (UFO Lou):
"UFO ****AIRCRAFT CARRIER SIZE**** ''2'' CAMERAS!! -Melbourne Australia SEPT 2 2013 **EXCLUSIVE**"

Jango Fixit's Facebook page (and post regarding this object):
https://www.facebook.com/jango.fixit/po ... 0752420883

Ted Molczan's post on Satobs website:

Ted Molczan's trajectory diagram:
http://satobs.org/seesat_ref/misc/Yaoga ... l_dump.png

satflare tracker / simulation

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