The Truman Signature pt 2

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The Truman Signature pt 2

Postby cartoonsyndicate » Thu Jul 06, 2006 9:49 pm

Some time ago I posted this:

My own belief is that the Truman Forestal memorandum is genuine but altered. The Truman signature on the extant document is obviously a faked copy- Ryan Wood’s awkward pantograph theory notwithstanding.

But consider this:

It is a well known courtroom method in both direct and cross examination that by discrediting a single point of testimony the entire testimony is impeached.

The substitution, i.e 'planting' of a copied signature- containing the ‘white-out flaws’- for the original signature was done as an invitation to forensic analysts to impeach a single point of fact and thereby the entire testimony- in this case the field of Ufology in toto. (It would have been assumed with high confidence by disinfo agents that the document used as the source of the copied signature would have been discovered by such a thorough and tenacious researcher as Stan Friedman. This, in fact, did happen.) The disinfo ploy seems to have worked. It brought Stan Friedman and the entire body of MJ12 docs under a cloud of suspicion from which they have never fully recovered.

Was this a Bill Moore/ Rick Doty operation? Who knows?

While the above deals in particular with the Forestal Memo, it is the disinformation technique per se that is most significant because it sheds light on USG disinfo methods in general.

The Doty resume claims are another example. It didn’t require an Einstein to prove that Rick Doty’s claim to be a graduate of UNM law school is bogus. All that was required was an inquiry to the ditzy and loquacious university registrar. But if Bob Collins knew from the very beginning that Doty’s claim was false (as has been asserted on this forum) why did he also make the inquiry? The obvious implication of Collins’s contact with Dr. Ditz is that he was attempting to verify information supplied to him by Doty. But if Collin’s was previously aware that the claim was false why bother? Perhaps to plant the evidence of his ‘inquiry’ in the report of another credulous ‘investigator’ thereby causing the ‘investigator’ to become a conduit for further confusion and endless, fatuous debate? To turn us into ‘useful idiots’ in their game of sewing confusion into the field of ufology? Is it simply furtherance of the Bennowitz solution?

The agents of deception don’t care about the current perceptions of the sheeple of the world regarding ufology, but they do care about the perceptions of the small community of serious students of the field because if the truth is ever revealed it will be through our efforts alone.

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