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New Entertainment of Note

Postby Max » Tue May 08, 2007 3:18 pm

While poking around at American Chronicle I saw this, which may be of interest.

New movie 'The Last Mimzy' is exciting family adventure into mysterious phenomena.

Steve Hammons
May 4, 2007


Teleportation, time travel, ESP, enhanced human intelligence and special abilities, psychokinesis/telekinesis and cosmic coincidences (synchronicity) emerge in unusual and wonderful ways in the new movie THE LAST MIMZY from New Line Cinema.

Cosmic wormholes and bridges, U.S. national security, the ecological future of Earth and the biological and genetic future of the human race are also some of the fascinating topics explored in this fast-paced and thoughtful film.

For those who might view this heartwarming family movie (rated PG) as simply an entertaining and imaginary story, think again … deeply.

Key people from Hollywood and the sciences have merged their knowledge and insights to create a movie experience that helps us understand what is happening on our planet and in our universe at this interesting time in human development.

The film is produced by Michael Phillips (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) and directed by Bob Shaye (LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy). Shaye is also founder, co-chair and co-CEO of New Line Cinema.

Between the production team and cast members, there are six academy award winners among those involved in THE LAST MIMZY.

The rest of the article can be found here: ... leID=25971

I also came across the following, which I had missed way back when. For anyone else asleep at the switch :

New documentary film ‘Fastwalkers’ on UFOs, ETs premieres in Phoenix

Steve Hammons
February 22, 2007


PHOENIX, ARIZONA – On February 21, 2007, Phoenix was again the location of an extraordinary event associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.

This time, it was the Phoenix premiere of the new documentary film FASTWALKERS.

The film proved to be a fascinating, thorough and comprehensive overview of many major aspects of the UFO and alleged extraterrestrial visitation phenomena.

At the Phoenix premiere, FASTWALKERS was shown to an audience of invited guests and the general public.

Producer Robert Miles and director Anthony T. Miles were present and spoke to the audience as they introduced the movie.

Some of the experts, researchers and witnesses interviewed in FASTWALKERS were also present including UFO/ET disclosure advocate Steve Bassett, Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean (U.S. Army, ret.) and aerospace engineer Alan G. Toleman.

A question and answer session after the film with them provided additional insight for the audience.


The movie was filmed, edited and mastered in high-definition and the photos and film footage in FASTWALKERS provide convincing evidence that something very interesting seems to be occurring.

This film is at once a mysterious adventure, a straightforward educational tool, an insightful “open source intelligence” asset and an enjoyable movie experience.

The term “Fastwalker” is a code word that was created by the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) in reference to unusual and extremely high-speed objects caught on camera and radar that are “unknowns.”

From NORAD’s underground Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, site approximately 500 Fastwalkers are reportedly tracked yearly.

The rest at: ... leID=25971
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