The hypocrisy of the IGNORANT

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The hypocrisy of the IGNORANT

Postby Springer » Sun Aug 06, 2006 12:16 am

One must wonder when one finds him/herself in The LATRINE about the hypocrisy the IGNORANT always seem to employ...

Such is the case in the latest attempt by the Overboring Morons to act out some ridiculous morality play against the highly HONORABLE, HONEST and TRULY INTELLIGENT Zep Tepi...

When we read their drek about how terrible and immoral and crass it was for the Intrepid3 to dare to bring up the PUBLIC RECORD of VM's criminal career as proof of his utter lack of credibility, honesty, and how that IS important since he has placed himself in the "spot light" (however small the stage) as the spam mouthpiece and lead mud slinger for the slurpo hoax.

Now one would think that these same people who cried so LOUDLY of the injustice the above revelation was would NEVER betray a NON PUBLIC, utterly MEANINGLESS bit of information given in the honor bound confidence of Mano e Mano conversation wouldn't one?

Ahhhh but the hypocrisy of the IGNORANT isn't really hypocrisy, you see hypocrisy requires the knowledge of decency, the knowledge of honor and the knowledge of social grace. The IGNORANT are, well, IGNORANT. They don't have the intelligence to know that the Critical Thinkers will immediately see through their cheap ploys, realize the galactic level of hypocrisy such a completely STUPID ploy screams at those of us with gray matter in our domes so they carry out their pitiful plans to their own ruin.

Someone mentioned that the Overboring Morons couldn't have done a bigger favor to their detractors than this and that person is absolutely CORRECT!

I think everyone who cherishes the TRUTH should feel a sincere level of GRATITUDE to the poor dumb maroons for making their real colors so EASY TO SPOT.

[smilie=to funny.gif]

It really was a very helpful thing for them to do.

On a side note, they also have LOTS of our Copyrighted content ILLEGALLY posted on their "site" that's not a good thing and it won't be tolerated. Just another TYPICAL example of how the less than honorable operate.

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