Webre Interview again

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Webre Interview again

Postby Troll » Sun Aug 13, 2006 2:18 am

Our goal for the interview was to get his insight with respect to their efforts and the timing of the change in the Serpo message. That is what we got.

Two points- 1. he (Webre) has no insight. 2. there was nothing of value raised concerning serpo.

The interview was a complete and utter dud- both inane and boring. The interesting points (Mars underground, evidence of off-world cultures) were not pursued. The existence of the South American branch of ICIS headed up by 'Dr.' Rosin went unchallenged. (It does not exist. She's simply running a new-agey health spa in Ecuador- information that is readily available. One of her specialties is female breast aumentation.) The association of ICIS with the Billy Meier scam was not raised. Webre's website devotes thousands of megabytes to Meier and FIGU. The purported collaboration between Operation Paperclip Nazis- including Werner von Braun- and Carol Rosin (the president of ICIS) was never questioned, nor was her association with Timothy Leary and Terrance McKenna (interesting) or Fairchild Industries. We never got a sense of 'who these (ICIS) people are.' Lacking these questions the interview itself was meaningless. Rather than telling me to 'shut the f---- up' perhaps you should learn from your poor performance. Amy Goodman, you're not.
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