to attack or not to attack; that is the question

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to attack or not to attack; that is the question

Postby Troll » Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:20 pm

shawnna said this:

I believe that OM is, in fact, a cult-in-the-making. You are certainly entitled to view that opinion as "visceral" - I do not. It is simply my opinion based on the nature and actions of the staff. And it certainly does not constitute an attack.

i couldn't agree more that OM is an incipient cult. by 'visceral' i meant to imply that it is a gut feeling and not based on a factual analysis. in other words- simply my opinion based on observation and interaction there. i made this point many times on the om board. my feeling was, and is, that the site is overrun with 'true believers' and true believers form the basis for cults. (nothingness lies coiled at the heart of being, like a worm. sartre) i believe our thinking is the same on this. in fact it was the expression of this opinion that was the reason that we were both banned there. i further think that the formation of a cult was probably the main objective of the hoaxers who created serpo mythology in the first place- and one reason why i have always suspected a sub rosa involvement by scientologists in the hoax. again: visceral.

nothing wrong in attacking that insidious nonsense. but there is something wrong in denying that it is an attack. in a war against fatuity and ignorance (which is precisely what this RU/OM conflict is) attacks are sometimes useful strategy.

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