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Postby Atrueoriginall » Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:56 pm

ryguy wrote:I'm starting to think it may not be his fault

Nothing we do is our fault when we take into account that every human that crosses our path - was to some degree - involved in molding our thoughts and ideals, this of course includes your local Circle K or 7/11 convenience store attendant. They're all responsible for our upbringing. :roll:

that it's a sociopathic kind of illness...maybe limited to online activities (not sure since I don't know how he conducts himself in "real life"). However he's very, very skilled at taking an issue and flipping it on its head to suit his needs. and also in light of the fact that he may simply be modifying his reality in whatever ways are necessary and possible to support his firmly-held belief system.

His problem of "taking an issue and flipping it on it's head to suit his needs" has already been defined in psychological circles. It's called a bad marriage or rather indicative of one. :D
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