Something from James Casbolt

Something from James Casbolt

Postby Chorlton » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:59 pm

I was sent this a few minutes ago. It was supposedly sent by the well known nutcase and hoaxer James Casbolt and posted on some forum.
I think it confirms he's well off his rocker.


I'd like to address a comment that was made at the beginning of this thread by Neil from Cornwall-

You say I don't look like a man who worked for British Intelligence. It sounds like you've been watching too many James Bond films my friend. Did you expect me to be on film with a suit and bow tie speaking the Queen's English?

I never went to university as someone claimed on I did on a earlier comment. I was too busy being 'loaned out' to various factions in the intelligence appratus when I was younger.

You obviously don't know what the intelligence commuinity really is Neil. It is ultimatly a Masonic occult organisation with positive and negative factions infighting between each other.

Forget about the MI 5 headquaters in London with people going to work everyday in suits and sitting in front of computers. This is just the public face of the hidden forces behind it. Most of the people there don't have the 'need to know' about what really happens in the global intelligence apparatus.

In this field your Masonic rank is more important than any official rank you hold. Many of the assassins are so deeply embedded in the civilian commuinity you would never guess who they were.

If you are not in the loop about the 'Freedom Train' then you are being kept in the dark in the intel community. Come and talk to me any frustrated agents who feel like they are being lied to and I'll tell I'll giove you the pork and beans.

Whst is the Freedom Train exactly?

It is the huge white slave trade in the UK, America and other places.

May be my Naval Intelligence/Masonic Grandfather sold my father to the Scottish Rite when he was a child. Maybe he was used as programmed 'drug mule' when he was an adult. Maybe this he was sold at Burnham Beeches Satanic Ritual Abuse centre in the woodlands of Berkshire. May be my Grandfather took part in a 'Trinity' ritual where the next 2 generations of children would be 'owned' by the Scottish Rite as well as my father.

I was born into Project Mannequin. I've been trained since the age of 5 at the NSA AL/499 underground facility in Berskshire as well as other facilities around the country.

This training is of course in espionage but also centres around PSI/Phychic abilities.

My para-normal abilities include the ability to manipulate matter with my mind, remote viewing and projecting my astral body out of my physical and looking into various underground bases and anywhere I want really ( I activate my 'Vortexijah' which are the spinning electro-magnetic fields around my body. I then set a 'vector intension' which are like map co-ordinates. The Vortexijah is then projected out of my body like a probe using methods and enegy based around Kundalini energy which is blissful and almost sexual in nature. I am able to see where my Vortexijah is going ona screen in my mind very clearly )

I can also see into the future, and communicate telepathically with other people in the project.

Physical enhancements include resisance to bio-warfare 9 the intelligence has spent that much time and money on me , they don't want me dieing in the FINAL SOLUTION when they attempt to wipe out most of the population with bacterial based weapons ), enhanced eye-sight, reflexes, speed, etc with the ability to punch and kick at tremendous speed and power ( 5 punches per second ) and enhanced co-ordination.

My daughter was born into the project as well and she was born with a rare genetic disorder caleld 'Golden Har', syndrome as each successive generation becomes more powerful it was decided by the NSA and British intelligence that she would be too powerful after was I was capable of and went into a genetic sabotage operation ( long complicated story ).

I would may be consider my abilities being tested in a scientific lab if I trusted the doctors.

I've got o go out now but I'll goive you some evdince of this when I get back
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Re: Something from James Casbolt

Postby ryguy » Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:22 pm

Chorlton wrote:I would may be consider my abilities being tested in a scientific lab if I trusted the doctors.

I've got o go out now but I'll goive you some evdince of this when I get back

Oh....oh oh oh oh...ooooooh.. **Ryan squirms in his seat with his hand raised**

Someone needs to tell him that if he can successfully "test" in a lab under strict protocol - Randi will pay him a fortune. Heck, someone tell him we'll set it up for him. I love it when people like this say they're willing to provide "evidence". :roll:

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