The Scoreboard

The Scoreboard

Postby caleban » Tue May 06, 2008 4:23 am

The Scoreboard

1. There was no danger of John or Zorgon convincing anyone here that you can breath on the moon
or anything, nor is it possible they will turn this into a tabloid site by their membership. I was
and still do believe they had something to share that just MAY have only seemed possible
at a place that WANTS to have a better standard. That standard is a dream and depends on the
view of the visitors, not the residents. (That is the same as how personal reputation works.)

2. I think that John Lear and Zorgon were two of the most interesting people to ever come to this board. This board is at the "break-out" point of turning into something neat, but only because of its wobbly bearing towards
something better. If this board can move toward the goals they see through the mist, and filter out the dogma
that causes the overbearing perception of abuses that go against "believer" opinions, then it will
"break-out". If the board continues to COPY the "mirror image" of dogmatic actions its members claim the other side uses, then it will simply "break". The folks that have come here are unique, talented individuals, that deserve better treatment than they get in other places. But the folks here also need to change the things that caused the bad treatment in the first place. When we move from one place to another, we bring EVERYTHING
with us. If we think we have left it all behind, we will be shocked to find it ain't so. Finding fault with
others is a risky thing to do. It almost always blinds us to our own faults and negative contributions.
(Chorlton once attempted to apply the Biblical passage that describes this. The location is Matthew ch 7, v 3.
In modern english, it goes more like this: Before you point out the speck in another man's eyes,
first remove the beam(or log) from your own.)
Nobody's right, when everybody's wrong.

(exception - possibly Torbjon Ref: JayKew post, May 5, 1148 PM)

3. It is a fact that more than one member here is dubious about posting now due to the rabid, skeptic
feeding frenzy that John Lear and Zorgon's arrival generated. (Hey guys, we got lots of folks
watching so lets chum the waters with blood to get our own sharks all stirred up.) Shawnna has posted in
open forum that she has a concern for inviting someone due to an "intimidating" factor here.
Well, I will say it openly. I do not believe this is true, but I believe this is what people outside
our little glass house are seeing. We look like a small group of "elites" in a "me too" environment that
will aggressively attack any "outsider" that disagrees and won't dance to the dogma of science exactly
on the dance steps we make up at the time. Or maybe tell John Lear he is a "banned frog" unless
he jumps as high and when we say jump. Oh, Yes, you can surf the net and find where he posts
an attack at you. Kinda makes him human, don't it ? Can ANY of you even see the level
of muck this side has poured out to him ? I was amazed that he could even come here,
much less be civil and polite. As far as getting beat up, and on that topic, Gary has to have
the skin of a Rhino. I am not addressing the content of what they say. I am addressing
behavior, second grade playground behavior from US. Lets all pile on the guy who don't
seem to get it. Nevermind that between the lines of their "ramblings" just might be a core
to the mythology. A different, but I won't dare say "valuable", different take than we have.
Stick with our dogma and NEVER look outside the box. It might be cold out there or something.

A wide open mind becomes a garbage disposal. A closed, head-up-and-locked mind starts
to ferment. We need some other choices, ya think ?

I ain't done yet, To self....BREATHE !
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