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Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:36 am
by Chorlton
pack3tg0st wrote:As it is part of the RU T&C... I'm sure you've got rock solid evidentiary support for these claims, right?

This is totally hilarious coming from someone whom when I pointed out a breach of Amkons own cast in stone T&C's simply laughed it off. Duplicity? you betcha, this person sets the standard for it. Then again Im sure you had rock solid evidence for all the little tantrums and lies you posted at Amkon right?

However if you check these T&C's people are allowed to profess and post any deeply held beliefs such as a belief in God etc. I have deeply felt beliefs about you, your socks, and your devious actions

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:16 am
by pack3tg0st
you really can't help yourself can you chorlton.


I even contributed in agreement to your OP... and you can't help but troll...

Glad to see I'm on your mind I guess... at least you rank me as a diety... I guess thats progress...

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:54 am
by Chorlton
Interesting turn of events, N’est Pas?

So Pack says in his attempt at defence:
Turned out it was all a giant hoax... but not before some seriously bad stuff happened.. (Long story... and not that interesting, really). "
So 'Some seriously bad stuff happened' did it? But also “not that interesting” ???????
I love the way you throw away those statements when all the 'seriously bad stuff’ that happened, was actually aided and abetted by you! Or possibly even created by you?. You had the means and the motive to actually create all the original stuff, months back, that lit the earlier fuse to the whole shebang, I mean with respect to postings made in Toons name. However I was in hospital at the time and missed a lot of what went on so wont comment further on that which I have little knowledge of.
BUT, when one looks at the concomitant actions that followed those earlier actions one must logically assume that you were directly or indirectly involved.

Yes it’s a long story and your attempt to weasel out of it with a throw away remark like that is once again so typical of you and your actions.
In that entire affair you were as bad as, or arguably worse than Toon, but you pranced around with that smug innocent indignancy that you like to have, causing and spreading drama and dissent and then you used that to attempt to control Amkon or turn it to something YOU wanted.
More damning is the fact that you also went back to the other site you were a Mod at, SHTF, and deliberately brought someone over to Amkon ( Prometheus) to create mischief. You brought him over (as he actually explained in detail to me) with the direct intention of attacking Toon and goading him, but that backfired badly didnt it? when he found I was friends with his Music hero Jimmy Page? That act in itself is a good pointer to what Pack was thinking and some of the devious things he was capable of.

I see, on the same post you state:
"LOL yah... Chorlton likes to fabricate alot of it... "
So in your own words, I allegedly fabricated a 'LOT' of it, but not ALL of it? so you admit you actually did do 'some' of what I posted? Probably those bits I can 100% prove and that you know I can prove eh?. A more serious point is that I fabricated NOTHING, what happened actually happened there was no fabrication, I was merely pointing out facts that had happened and pointing the finger at you, something I shall enlarge on below.

Ry, et al.
Is there any solid concrete proof of Packs missdeeds? For the majority of it? No, there isnt. However, the circumstantial evidence points to only one person. And that evidence is pretty damning.

"Circumstantial evidence indirectly proves a fact. It is evidence that requires or allows an allegation of fact to make a deduction to conclude that a fact exists. This inference made from an allegation of facts supports the truth of assertion ."
I would also suggest that Packs actions were also not simply mischief, and if I remember the quotations from my basic Law studies :actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea which basically means ‘the acts someone does, does not make him guilty unless of course the thoughts supported or precluded the acts’. The evidence remaining on Amkon (which Pack hasn’t actually deleted yet) shows clearly Packs total hate of Toon, hate bordering on obsession, and I would suggest that hate manifested itself in Packs actions.

When one adds up all the events that happened within a relatively short time frame, along with the other associated posts, along with Packs posts at the time showing his mental state (some of which he has conveniently deleted) there could only be one suspect. He had Motive, He had the time, he had the Mod permissions.

The short story:
At the time referred to, Pack was having some sort of breakdown, or was depressed, or drunk or all of them, that was evidenced by a rant he made on Amkon and subsequently deleted, when he called himself “EVIL” and explained exactly what he thought he was capable of and what he thought should be done and what he thought of things and what he thought of BE. At EXACTLY the same time BE’s (Toon) password and return email address at Amkon, Hoaxmasters and here were changed, denying BE access. At a pretty close time, pretty much as soon as BE was allowed back here, he re-appeared here. At EXACTLY the same time, he registered at Hoaxmasters. He was warned about posting. He chose to ignore it and posted some Personal info about BE (same as he did at Amkon, another despicable act). I banned him. I then let him back on, then he began his rants there, explaining to people what a super hacker he was and threatening some women there, and that if HE didn’t like certain things they posted he would post personal info about them. At EXACTLY the same time certain members of Amkon and Hoaxmasters had very nasty emails posted to others using their identity. Then over at Amkon at EXACTLY the same time, an alleged ‘Hacker’ appears ( s0c1a7xpl01t ), intent on causing trouble. Up steps the knight in shining armour to cure all ills and defeat nasty hackers, >>>>>>>Pack<<<<<<<<. Coincidence? Well even if you are the hardest sceptic there’s a few too many coincidences here to be ignored. There was and still is a lot more smaller things going on, too many to mention but most, were instigated or encouraged by Pack including his bringing over an agitator from SHTF in an attempt to back up his rants against BE, along with his continual independent postings of his attempts to totally ban BE (“But I really don’t want to do that”). These continual posts, while in themselves seen as just inconsequential, when added to his long time vendetta against BE all make glaring sense. He is a manipulator of people. He does it by stealth, by continually making small posts with what he thinks would be ‘good for the community’ but its all topped off with his catchy get-out “But I really don’t want to do that” thereby placing the onus on many of the rear end kissers to back him up and actually suggest he should “Do that which he really doesn’t want to do”

One of the biggest contradictions in all of this is that when my family was directly insulted and abused on Amkon I turned to Pack for help. What I got was Amkon’s T&C’s thrown in my face. Even when I pointed out that the miscreant who abused my family was actually directly contravening the T&C’s I was laughed at by Pack.
7. Posting.
You will not knowingly post false information as the truth unless you are John Lear or Mike Singh. You won't use information obtained, or gathered from this website to harass, abuse, or harm others unless you are an Administrator

Now we have the self same person screaming and throwing hissy fits because HE wants BE totally banned (“But I really don’t want to do that”). (its also pretty ripe when he posts here yesterday, throwing RU’s T&C’s at me? Do as you would be done by, boy)
So he starts to slowly change Amkon to the place he wants it to be, installing a ‘Sandbox’ where ‘bad’ posters are relegated to (“But I really didn’t want to do it”) He did this after laughingly setting up a Poll (but banning me from actually posting my thoughts on it but not banning me from voting) and waiting exactly 15 minutes and 5 votes in the poll before he unilaterally installed it. (Isn’t it curious how he can set that up in such a short time? A cynic might suggest he already had it installed but unactivated.). He installs an “Ignore Button” but an Ignore Button that he can ignore! You cannot stop this person from posting in your threads but he can stop you posting in his threads as he has done with me. When he can’t face the argument or doesn’t like the replies, he puts you on ignore. Unfortunately for him I simply started another thread to point out his misdeeds. Up yours, sunshine.

The strangeness in all of this is that I once considered Pack to be my friend, actually sending him a small present as a small token of my appreciation of his work on Amkon. They say you can choose your friends, I’ll be a lot more careful in future.

We now see the return here of Pack (to a place he regularly denigrated?) at JUST the same time Mur has his own little place here. Another co-incidence? there sure are a lot of them related to Pack aren’t there?

Aussiemike, don’t go mate. That’s exactly what Pack wants both you, Mur, I and Gunter to do. Don’t play his game.
I don’t want Pack banned here, that isn’t my place and I wouldn’t even ask for it (though he is permanently banned from Hoaxmasters). What I do want is for people to know what they are dealing with here. A deceptive, unstable, manipulative brat, who likes to boast of his expertise at being a hacker and how he can hack anyone’s site. Someone who likes to threaten women, then deliberately lies in an attempt to cover up his drunken rants and misdeeds. Someone whom, the majority of the time is a nice pleasant person, then the red mist or his Home Brew (which he regularly tells people he drinks a lot of) takes control and he loses it, totally.

If a dig bites you, you kick it. If it does it again you kill it.

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:00 am
by Chorlton
pack3tg0st wrote:you really can't help yourself can you chorlton.

Not where you are concerned, No I cant. You just want to attempt to manipulate things to show you are a pretty deCent bloke. Maybe you are when you arent on the booze.

You dont know the meaning of the word.
I even contributed in agreement to your OP... and you can't help but troll...

There you go again. If you cant agree with a post.....its a troll.
Glad to see I'm on your mind I guess... at least you rank me as a diety... I guess thats progress...

The word is 'Deity' but dont get dellusions.
If youre on my mind its nothing to the obsession you have shown and demonstrated towards BE and Mur, like always, you can see a flea on someone elses back but ignore the elephant on your own.

You are nothing more than a petulant drunk. You arent on my mind except when you suddenly re appear on a forum, a forum you have openly denigrated, and start posting again.

You had the chance to at least partially redeem yourself for your actions by apologising. But that takes a man much bigger than yourself. So we all have to sit and wait untill your homebrew takes effect and you start your abuse again

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:55 pm
by Zep Tepi
Knowing some of the history and after having followed some of the drama at Amkon, I've decided to ban Pack. As I put on the banning note, there's just way too much baggage for him to ever post here as a regular contributor.

It's one thing having an opinion on something or someone, it's another to follow them around in order to make them feel uncomfortable. Sorry, not going to happen here. It's the very reason he (Murnut) was offered a section here in the first place.

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:00 pm
by ryguy
Sorry I was entertaining the possibility of him being here guys. Again, I didn't follow any of the drama at Amkon or OM so I take everyone who arrives here at face value, and am willing to discuss/debate their faulty logic at face value as well. :)

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:24 am
by murnut
Chorlton wrote:
RIP Amkon.

Wow...great post...Agree completely...except I like girls

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:51 am
by cobzz
When I visited, members were incapable of forming a cehesive argument without personal attacks, and were unable to rebuke any of the points I raised (they didn't even try). Other than that, some members were unstable, there were no terms and conditions, and I never saw any discussion that was actually interesting there. Amkon was dead the moment it started up, IMO. You can not kill what has always been dead.

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:54 pm
by averagejoe
What points were you trying to raise that nobody was able to rebuke, and didn't even try?

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:19 pm
by the|exx
wow! I'm really surprised because I liked amkon. I haven't posted there since the big crash but it sounds like it's gone south. Shame!


Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:34 am
by skunk
Amkon's still alive and kicking- even mur's back. I think cobzz is a bit sore because no one remembered him from the old days. I haven't heard from chorlton from some time though, even though all his buddies still post at amkon.

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:21 pm
by ryguy
skunk wrote:Amkon's still alive and kicking- even mur's back. I think cobzz is a bit sore because no one remembered him from the old days. I haven't heard from chorlton from some time though, even though all his buddies still post at amkon.

Whether he's "sore" or not doesn't dispute the points he brought up about the site, which are pretty much all true.

Chorlton has been recovering from an accident of sorts (he's fine, no need to worry). I do suspect he'll be back though, guys like that never lay down for long.


Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:51 am
by mojo
cobzz wrote:Amkon was dead the moment it started up, IMO. You can not kill what has always been dead.

nope still going.

not everyones cup of tea but thats the point isn't it? variety is the spice!

amkon was never about being a serious CT site, or a research site, or a for profit site, theres already enough of those around who do a better job at it than we ever would.

(ahh i guess this is why you put amkon on your restricted thingy AD, seriously i don't know why so many people freaked out about pack, myself and skunk had complete access to everything behind the scenes as admins and we were never able to find one shred of evidence of pack hacking anything at amkon, particularly pm's or passwords).

didn't realise it had been that long since i'd dropped by. :)

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:12 am
by Access Denied
Didn't Amkon split off into two or three other forums?

No, drama isn't exactly my cup of tea but I must admit you guys sure have the market cornered... :)

I saw the other night, first time I had stopped by in a long time (whoa, synchronicity?) and Skunk was apparently ready to throw in the towel. Let me guess, you bitch slapped him and he snapped right out of it?

Some seriously f’ed up sh’t you got going on over there man… I lasted about two pages before I had to leave and take a shower.

Anyway, you all take care of yourselves and don't be such a stranger...

Re: RIP Amkon ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:41 pm
by ryguy
Last time I visited that site it took me two weeks to get over the constant twitching and the incessant urge to curse constantly and spit at everyone I met. I've never returned.