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Nathalie Posts Moved

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:13 pm
by ryguy
Due do the fact that Nathalie's story is unrelated to the OM forum, and due to the subject matter - I've moved the two threads into the PSI/Mind Control forum. Please see that forum for all future updates and to follow along with the discussion.

Nathalie's threads are getting record views from members & guests as compared to other traffic throughout the forum, so I wanted to make sure this content is placed in the appropriate forum.

Nathalie, I've also updated your permissions so that you can post in the PSI/Mind Control forum (and anywhere else in the forum, for that matter).

A note to researchers and professionals - if anyone reading this thread has experience in dealing with victims of child abuse, either ritualistic abuse, or otherwise - please email me at Thanks.

To everyone else, please take time to read the story - carefully. We may be getting a small peek at a dark underworld of the elite, one of severe, grotesque, and unspeakable child abuse. To anyone out there who cares for the innocence and the fragility of every small child in the world, who can not defend themselves - we should all be outraged.