Letters from the Litterbox

Letters from the Litterbox

Postby wetsystems » Sat Aug 18, 2007 3:01 pm

Does anyone here ever go back and read old threads? This one had me peeing my pants. IP, Dankk, Shawnna, Hydden- This is some really funny stuff! But ya have to read the whole thing. I guarantee you'll be laughing your asses off.

A small sample:
Holy altered identity batman! ipf, you have actually written something that I would think makes you look more civil than I have ever thought. If only you would have done that... oh.. I dunno.. months ago? Your apology now doesn't float. Maybe it was that part about you saying I was/should be a part of the TALIBAN a few weeks ago. That was the last straw.

http://www.realityuncovered.com/forum/v ... sc&start=0
And I should remark that I am saving my insults for Toon for "just the right time" when I will strike at his soft, white underbelly for maximum damage and humiliation. Ray Hudson 2007
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Postby I.P.Freely » Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:11 pm

OMG that Dank was too much at least I am smart enough to know when I am stupid. He was so stupid he thought he was smart.
"You can either trust people or not. I choose to trust what people say and sometimes I get lied to. If I were to trust no one I would never hear the truth." - James (IPF) Martell
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