Backwards Time Free Energy from National Science Foundation

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Backwards Time Free Energy from National Science Foundation

Postby Gary » Wed May 07, 2008 3:48 am

A few interesting comments from Dr. Paul Werbos' recent paper on backwards time many worlds (National Science Foundation). It is interesting to consider that "this does constitute work produced on government time."

It is dangerous to rely too heavily on untrained intuition in situations like this. Yet – intuition suggests that a BTT would require us to find some sort of backwards-time free energy, a source of a kind of order which allows us to influence the past. If Price and Hawkings I are both right, a small but significant trickle of backwards-time free energy might be available from cosmological sources – perhaps even enough for a small bit of low-energy information processing.

In engineering terms, the first challenge here is to develop photonic or electro-optic circuits which are capable of detecting when a source of energy (such as light received at night on the dark side of the moon) contains some amount of backwards-direction free energy, and not just the usual pure time-forwards free energy that we assume.

The challenge addressed here is analogous to the challenge of moving from Direct Current (DC) electronics to Alternating Current (AC) electronics. Here we are trying to move past the limitations of Forwards Time (FT) engineering to Alternating Time (AT) electronics.

It is interesting that a similar idea was discussed by a Russian physicist with Andrei Sakharov, father of the Soviet Hydrogen Bomb, in the early 1990s.

Werbos also notes:

The original idea for true quantum computing came from a series of technical papers by David Deutch of Oxford, inspired by the many-world theory of physics. Crudely speaking, the idea was that we could harness the reality of parallel universes in order to do massively parallel computing ... In the first wave of enthusiasm for quantum computing, people discussed how the superposition of wave functions representing different “worlds” could be used for a kind of parallel computation ... In summary, the many-worlds theory actually works, in leading to predictions which fit with the massive empirical data of modern electronics and quantum optics. The orthodox Copenhagen theory does not.

The important point emphasized by Werbos (which echoes David Detusch at Oxford) is the necessity of many-worlds theory -- with modification which includes backwards time effects -- as he writes:

We should work from a truly time-symmetric understanding of many-worlds physics, which does not just assume time-forwards statistics for all macroscopic phenomena. This approach I will define as the many-worlds version of backwards-time physics (MW/BTP). Of course, BTP does not assume that everything runs back wards in time only! It merely allows for effects which are not purely forwards-in-time only ...

This idea is the key to understanding exotic phenomenology: Many worlds of parallel universes with backwards time effects and loops in time.
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Re: Backwards Time Free Energy from National Science Foundation

Postby ryguy » Thu May 08, 2008 8:16 pm

Is this sort of like the "reverse speech" theory that Scott Jones and Hal were all gaa-gaa over years ago?


I don't know why, I just keep picturing electrodes attached to eggs. Weird.

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