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Holographic Universe or Computer Simulation? Big Bang or God?

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Re: Big Bang

Postby Gary » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:57 pm

AD, if I didn't know better I'd think you had gone over to Dan's BPW? ;-)

[meanwhile God shivers at the thought of all the experimental physicists who quietly continue to make real progress in the laboratory out back]

Keep in mind Max Tegmark et al have the biggest @%$% experiment/laboratory of all: the observable universe!

And what we can see may soon include gravity waves...

Gravity is talking. LISA will listen.

The Cosmos sings with many strong gravitational voices, causing ripples in the fabric of space and time that carry the message of tremendous astronomical events: the rapid dances of closely orbiting stellar remnants, the mergers of massive black holes millions of times heavier than the Sun, the aftermath of the Big Bang. These ripples are the gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein's 1915 general relativity; nearly one century later, it is now possible to detect them. Gravitational waves will give us an entirely new way to observe and understand the Universe, enhancing and complementing the insights of conventional astronomy.

LISA, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, is a joint NASA–ESA mission to observe astrophysical and cosmological sources of gravitational waves of low frequencies (0.03 mHz to 0.1 Hz, corresponding to oscillation periods of about 10 hours to 10 seconds). This frequency band contains the emission from massive black-hole binaries that form after galactic mergers; the song of compact stellar remnants as they slowly spiral to their final fate in the black holes at the centers of galaxies; the chorus of millions of compact binaries in our own Galaxy; and possibly the faint whispers of waves generated shortly after the Big Bang.
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Re: Big Bang

Postby Access Denied » Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:06 am

Yes, detection of the CGB may be as revolutionary in Cosmology as the CMB was and falsify or severely constrain just as many hypotheses…

Gary wrote:AD, if I didn't know better I'd think you had gone over to Dan's BPW? ;-)

Well, Lemaître, a Roman Catholic priest, was the first to propose the Big Bang… to which Einstein replied “Your math is correct, but your physics is abominable.”
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