Max, Dan Smith, and Eschaton

Holographic Universe or Computer Simulation? Big Bang or God?

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Max, Dan Smith, and Eschaton

Postby ryguy » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:30 am

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know of a great dialog that took place between our very own Max and Dan Smith concerning eschaton. Dan has seen fit to post this dialog to his blog.

The exchange is here:

And Max's opening question posed to Dan, as Mario, is as follows:

My question is this: If the presumption that the soul goes onto a higher stage of being upon one's death, and if we presume that all those that have passed have reached the next level which we will attain after the eschaton, what would be the hurry, or even the need, for those that are living on this planet to attain that next level while still alive? Unless we insert the concept of purgatory as a "parking lot" where all of the souls await until judgment day, I cannot see the logical reason to eliminate this "middle existence", if you will. Why not let every "body" continue to cycle through all of the steps? Where am I going wrong?

And this, from Max/ so excellently written, I just have to post it here as well:


Thank you for your response, Mr. Smith. It is deeply appreciated.

In order for me to understand the logical sequence of the BPWH, I have asked myself these questions:

If before the Big Bang there was nothing, and this "singularity"/the universe was created by God's mind, then obviously God created all of the rules. It was, after all, His dream.

What was God's motivation for making the existence of our present situation finite?

Was it merely capriciousness? Judging from the orderly result of His creation He does not appear capricious otherwise.

From what the astrophysicists tell us, the Sun will lose it's ability to continue to function in its current form in a few billion years. As a result, the expansion of it to a red star will consume the earth and all within it. So there is, apparently a definite timeline which makes our earth/host relationship finite.

But why the need to have a pre-eschaton eschaton? If God included the near-future upcoming eschaton in his Dream/Creation what was his reason? There was already one built in to the scheme of things.

Do we need to release all of those souls from purgatory a few billion years ahead of the end of the earth? Does God need our transcendence in order to fuel the Cosmos? Himself? Something else?

You have opened whole new avenues of thought for me with your hypothesis, and I am very grateful to you for that.


"Only a fool of a scientist would dismiss the evidence and reports in front of him and substitute his own beliefs in their place." - Paul Kurtz

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