Possible Qabalistic Designs?

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Possible Qabalistic Designs?

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Sun Jun 10, 2007 2:02 am

This thread is intended to introduce various descriptions of "systems and traditions" that are popular in society, and their potential geometrical/mathematical connections to the Tree Of Life (3x3+1)network structure.

System Name: USA Major League Baseball (MLB) system.
System Element: The GAME.
System Time-Basis: The INNING.
# of Basis per Element: 9. (3x3) INNINGS per GAME

The NINE INNINGS of a single baseball game directly associates with the (3x3) NINE matrix of the (Upper-Middle-Lower) Tree Of Life. I'd have to say that Abner Doubleday knew this when he designed the game. So is it possible he was a Qabalist? :shock:

SubSystem Name: The INNING.
SubSystem Basis: The OUT.
# of Basis per Subsystem: 6. (3+3) OUTS per INNING

Each of the TWO TEAMS engaged in the baseball game are allowed THREE OUTS while they are at bat. After both teams have accrued SIX OUTS (3+3) then an INNING is said to have passed.

SubSystem Name: Baseball OUT.
# of SubSystems: 3. THREE.

SubSystem Name: Baseball STRIKE.
# of SubSystems: 3. THREE.

ONE definition of a Baseball OUT is defined by a Hitter accruing THREE STRIKES.

I could go on and on defining the mathematical system basis for baseball, but I think you get the idea here. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the people who designed baseball understood the geometry of the Qabalah. It is hard to deny this is a fact, especially when it shows up in the architecture of their social creations....

The Universe is an Integrated System. Operational, Functional, and Physical.
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