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Ted Gunderson

Postby Almeirhria » Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:38 am

For those that don't know, Ted Gunderson was a former FBI Special-agent-in-charge of Los Angeles. He still continues his investigating and has a lot to tell.

There is 911 relevance, hence me posting here, but his investigations approach the top of the pyramid with the activities of many in powerful positions.

His website:


Here is a portion:

To : To Whom It May Concern
From : Ted L. Gunderson
Date : October 20, 2003
RE : The Fallout from 9-11 Terrorism Report


I, Ted L. Gunderson, the Affiant herein, being over the age of majority, and having first hand knowledge of the facts and events over the past few months, primarily from April 3, 2003, until October 19, 2003, concerning covert surveillance of myself and my friends, and breaking and entering of my house and motor vehicle, and the stealing, taking and carrying away of tangible personal property in addition to making overt and covert threats against my life and a client. AFFIANT does hereby state that this Affidavit contains the true facts as AFFIANT knows and understands them to be, and that this Affidavit is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. (Resumé attached as Exhibit A) I was the Former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office.


a. The AFFIANT has been the recipient of surreptitious entries into his Las Vegas , Nevada and Los Angeles dwelling and also his motor vehicle.

b. AFFIANT has also been placed under surveillance for years by possibly government, groups and individuals. The surveillance is performed by individuals in vehicles or in helicopters or in fixed wing helicopters or on foot.

c. AFFIANT has received threatening telephone calls, threatening himself. AFFIANT's telephone has been tapped continuously for many years.

d. Based upon knowledge, information and belief, AFFIANT states AFFIANT's TV in his home in Las Vegas is used as a surveillance device with both audio and video capabilities.

e. There exists an active Federal Government Disinformation Program that was instituted for the purpose of discrediting AFFIANT and others who report the truth about government and the Satanic Movement in America .

f. There have been several invasions of AFFIANT's home computer by unidentified sources through the telephone lines.

g. Most recently AFFIANT has learned from informed sources that there is a contract on his life. According to these informed sources, the independent contractor is a Satanist that is a member of a Satanic cult known as Bohemian Grove (aka Coven) located in Washington, D. C. This Satanic cult wishes AFFIANT dead, because AFFIANT has evidence of their Satanic ritual abuse and the cults' involvement with the 9-11 attack, including the FBI's foreknowledge of the 9-11 terrorist attack and the fact that the FBI did nothing to prevent the attack.

h. AFFIANT has also written strong critical letters to the United States Attorney General John Ashcroft, and Home Security Director Tom Ridge regarding the fact that the FBI had foreknowledge 6 months in advance of the 9-11 terrorists' attacks.

i. One of AFFIANT's clients from Los Angeles has also been the recipient of harassment both in Los Angeles and in his travels to New York City within the past four weeks.



1. On April 3, 2003, AFFIANT chased an intruder from the basement of his dwelling in an eight-plex where AFFIANT resides while AFFIANT is in Los Angeles (see attached letter to President Bush dated April 23, 2003, Exhibit B). This eight-plex has locked, self-closing doors to the outside, so the intruder gained entrance via professional burglary techniques.


2. On July 9, 2003 , AFFIANT left his dwelling in Los Angeles and returned August 23, 2003 . During this interval the dwelling was vacant, however, when AFFIANT returned on August 23, 2003 , AFFIANT discovered the dwelling had been surreptitiously entered by a professional burglar leaving no marks of forced entry on the doors. Many of AFFIANT's files had been stolen along with his cell phone and tape recorder. Also AFFIANT's unopened vitamins were taken and several other things were not arranged as AFFIANT had left them on July 9, 2003 . (See letter to President Bush dated August 29, 2003 , Exhibit C).

3. AFFIANT's home and motor vehicle have also been entered many times for the past several years, each time leaving acknowledgements of their entry. On one occasion the intruder left a penny on his bed at night while AFFIANT was sleeping in it. For several years one to three times every two to three weeks, an intruder or intruder(s) have unlocked AFFIANT's motor vehicle at night and switched on the directional turn signal. This also happened brazenly in broad daylight on many occasions. Further, for example, on two occasions on October 14, 2003 , an intruder or intruders again unlocked his motor vehicle and left AFFIANT's direction signal on while parked in a parking lot during the time that AFFIANT was in a store with another person who is a witness to this event. This exact scenario occurred in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania and Washington , D.C. in January, 2003, at the time AFFIANT was distributing his 9-11 Terrorist Report (Exhibit D) to the United States Congress and members of the Executive branch of the Government. This is known to be a warning of more severe things to happen if one does not stop their current investigative activities.


4. On August 28, 2003 , 9:47 p.m. AFFIANT answered the telephone in his Los Angeles dwelling and a female said, “Whoever this is, you just gotta [sic] know there is no way to get away with it.” She immediately hung up.

5. On September 19, 2003 , 11:41 p.m. A garbled message was left on AFFIANT's voice mail in which none of the words could be clearly understood. There were chanting sounds for two seconds, then a name was spoken clearly, then more chanting sounds for two seconds, and then the voice mail message ended abruptly. AFFIANT retained a copy of the recording as incontrovertible evidence of this material fact.

6. On October 3, 2003, 1:02 a.m. a message was left on AFFIANT's voice mail in which there was only a buzzing sound for two seconds (similar to the sound an electric chain saw makes).

7. On October 8, 2003 , 7:39 p.m. a message was left on AFFIANT's voice mail in which a person was breathing on the line. The breathing lasted for exactly 13 seconds, then stopped. The caller hung up immediately thereafter without speaking. AFFIANT retained a copy of the recording as incontrovertible evidence of this material fact.

8. On October 8, 2003 , 7:41 p.m. a message was left on AFFIANT's voice mail in which a person was breathing on the line for exactly 18 seconds. AFFIANT retained a copy of the recording as incontrovertible evidence of this material fact.

9. On October 17, 2003 , four telephone calls were made to AFFIANT's voice mail. In each instance an unknown person was on the line, but there was no voice communication; however, there was background noise behind each telephone call. These four telephone calls were as follows: 10:05 a.m. , one second duration, 10:06 a.m. , 34 seconds duration, 12:13 p.m. , three seconds duration and 3:16 p.m. for 13 seconds duration. AFFIANT has retained a recording of each telephone call.

10. On October 20, 2003 , 4:06 p.m. a message was left on AFFIANT's voice mail in which a person chanted words that were in English, but were strung together in such a way as to be incoherent. Based upon knowledge, information and belief, AFFIANT believes that this message contained a string of command words that are for the purpose of activating a victim of mind control. Based upon information furnished by an informed source, this is a Satanic signal.


11. For years AFFIANT has been aware of periodic surveillances of AFFIANT. On two separate occasions in the early 1980s, AFFIANT noticed a fixed, nonmoving surveillance on AFFIANT. The subjects were parked several houses away from AFFIANT's residence. AFFIANT put on his gun, entered his motor vehicle and chased the individuals out of the neighborhood. Thereafter the fixed surveillances stopped and AFFIANT became the recipient of periodic moving surveillances. The frequency of the surveillances have increased dramatically since the time that AFFIANT documented the facts regarding the FBI's six month prior knowledge about the 9-11 attacks and their link to Satanic Cults.

12. On October 15, 2003 , 5:15 p.m. it has been observed by several people close to AFFIANT that there is an active and ongoing covert surveillance operation being executed upon his dwelling in Los Angeles . On this date AFFIANT saw a young white male wearing sunglasses sitting in a new motor vehicle a few doors away and AFFIANT became suspicious, so AFFIANT checked out the motor vehicle and learned it was a rental, confirming in his own mind that this may have been part of the surveillance operation.

13. On October 17, 2003 , at 2:45 p.m. AFFIANT observed a man in his early twenties walking a brown Dauchund dog back and forth in front of AFFIANT's dwelling. The man's behavior was suspicious, because he was not allowing the dog to do its business, but instead was staring at AFFIANT and the two people who were accompanying AFFIANT. The man walked slowly down the sidewalk away from the trio, constantly observing the trio by turning his head and looking back over his shoulder, until he finally reached the corner a half a block away, whereupon he turned the corner abruptly, looking back and moving out of eyesight. AFFIANT and his two companions walked to AFFIANT's motor vehicle and got in, then AFFIANT drove around the corner and parked down the block, waiting to see if the man would return. The man returned almost immediately to AFFIANT's block and while he was walking past AFFIANT's dwelling, the man continued looking around, as if looking for someone or something that he had lost. He did not notice that AFFIANT and his associates were watching him. This behavior was so patently suspicious that AFFIANT decided to approach the man and then took a photo of the man and the dog, asking the man where he was from. The man stated that he was from Mexico City . After capturing several photographs of the man and his dog, AFFIANT entered his motor vehicle and drove off.

14. On October 17, 2003 , at around 2:45 p.m. AFFIANT observed a white Ford Windstar van, California license plate 3UWA598, parked down the street from AFFIANT's dwelling. An hour later the van was still there and AFFIANT became suspicious and then went to question the man, who was sitting in the driver's seat eating. The man protested when AFFIANT took his photo. When AFFIANT's associate requested a business card from the man, the man gave him a Los Angeles City Department of Transportation business card that did not have the man's name printed upon it. The man wrote “Arturo De Las Alas” on the front of the card. At 5:15 p.m. the van was still parked in the same location. NOTE: The operative's name “Alas” could have double meaning. When one looks up the word “alas” in the dictionary, it means “regrettably”, which could be a pun statement made by the operative, describing his feelings at being caught in the act of surveilling. This is a known Satanist practice. Alas maintained that he has been using his personal SUV as a traffic counter for the past two years. When his photo identification was requested by the associate, he gave the associate his L.A. City photo card. When asked why his I.D. was blank, Alas stated “The City uses a Social Security Number”. He told the associate that all employees' I.D.s are their Social Security Numbers. This is suspicious.

15. On October 18, 2003 , AFFIANT and an associate went to a market for the purpose of shopping. While at the market, AFFIANT noticed that he was being followed and photographed by the surveillor. AFFIANT later took photos of the photographer. The photographer was not aware that AFFIANT took his photograph.

16. On October 19, 2003 , AFFIANT and two associates went to an appointment at a restaurant. AFFIANT and the two associates (a trio) arrived early and while the trio was waiting, AFFIANT noticed that the trio was being photographed. AFFIANT took photos of the photographer. The photographer was not aware that AFFIANT took his photograph. A little while later, AFFIANT was speaking to one of the managers at the produce market near the restaurant, when he became aware that he was being photographed again while talking with the manager. AFFIANT followed the photographer and took his photographer, unbeknownst to the photographer.

17. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that AFFIANT has incontrovertible evidence proving that AFFIANT is being followed, surveilled and that a homing device has been placed in his motor vehicle (AFFIANT discovered with electronic equipment the homing device located on the right rear area of his motor vehicle). AFFIANT decided not to remove it, since it will only be immediately replaced by a duplicate homing device. The homing device is located in an area on the motor vehicle where it cannot be photographed. Using this technology, the Government can keep track of AFFIANT's motor vehicle any place in the world through the satellite surveillance system(s).

18. Based upon knowledge, information and belief AFFIANT states that every time AFFIANT is staying in his Los Angeles dwelling, AFFIANT observes helicopters surveilling him and his associates. The occurrences are from once daily up to three times a day. AFFIANT has observed a helicopter when AFFIANT and associates were meeting in a park nearby, and when he was at the local market, and more often over the dwelling. On one occasion the helicopter flew so low that it set off motor vehicle alarms in the neighborhood.


19. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that AFFIANT has incontrovertible evidence proving that his telephone line in Los Angeles and his phone lines in Las Vegas are tapped. AFFIANT also has incontrovertible evidence proving that in his Las Vegas home AFFIANT's TV is being used as a surveillance device with audio and video capabilities, and this surveillance device is accessed via his cable TV connection. AFFIANT has concluded that only the Federal Government would be capable of this since the tap is located at the telephone company's switching station.


20. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that the Government is using informants to discredit him. AFFIANT has incontrovertible evidence that Stu Webb is a paid confidential informant for the FBI. (He admitted this in a letter he wrote to the Las Vegas Police Department and during a commercial video interview.) Webb and others, including Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley, are actively spreading false, misleading, derogatory, slanderous and libelous statements about AFFIANT on the Internet and on several radio talk shows. Webb refuses to stop making slanderous statements and he confronted AFFIANT in person, as he boasted, ”I will destroy you in the Patriot Movement”. AFFIANT has a copy of both items as evidence. On the video Webb boasts that he has an FBI symbol number. A symbol number is a method the FBI uses. This technique is used to protect informants by replacing their names with numbers for investigative reports. AFFIANT is aware of this method from his 27 1/2 years with the FBI. Webb and others, acting in concert, were responsible for the cancellation of AFFIANT's speaking engagements on September 27, 2003 . (See September 27, 2003 Memo attached) (See Exhibit “E”)

21. It should be noted that AFFIANT has a friend who has a website. This website has information regarding AFFIANT's experiences. This website has a page for “links”. When you access this page, the first two links go to AFFIANT's radio show interviews with former CIA Special Agent Chip Tatum, but the other three links direct the reader to audio and video pornographic website links.

22. Scapolamine, according to former CIA assassin USAF Lt. Col Tatum can be placed into a drink, on a cigarette or puffed into the lungs by a passerby Once under the influence, the victim will have no recall of anything he has done. When asked about the drug Chip stated that he has used Scapolamine on several people and the influence can last for 30 minutes to 30 hours or 30 days. The victim is like a zombie and will do anything he is ordered to do, including violate the victim's moral code. Although the drug is not named in Jack DeCamp's book The Franklin Coverup: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska (& Nationwide) He quotes two CIA Agents, one by name, who used a mind control drug to later blackmail victims.


22. On October 12, 2003 . An associate working with AFFIANT was composing a letter for Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge , on AFFIANT's computer (Exhibit F). This associate was revising the letter regarding AFFIANT's exposés of the FBI's foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks. The associate printed out a draft and went to get AFFIANT's revisions but when he returned with AFFIANT's revisions, he noticed that 32 rather important words were missing from the text; they had been deleted electronically via remote operation. The deleted words are in bold italics as noted in Exhibit “G”. Below is the paragraph where the 32 deletions occurred.

“Since you are responsible for investigating and preventing terrorism in America, I am respectfully requesting that you investigate Mr. Mefford's and FBI Director Mueller's handling of the investigation of agents in their agency who refused to investigate Mr. Riconoscuito's March 20, 2001 report to the FBI, that if properly investigated, [it] may have prevented 9-11. Please correspond with me and let me know what you plan to do about the fact that it is possible that some FBI agents accomplices to the murders of over 3,000 on 9-11 and several may have committed treason. If so, do you agree that they should be arrested, prosecuted and if found guilty, imprisoned? Do you agree that these crimes call for a congressional investigation of the FBI and one by your organization ? ”

NOTE: The first deletion is 13 words in sequence and the second deletion is 19 words in sequence. Both numbers are Satanic symbols as shown in Exhibit “G”.

23. On October 12, 2003 , AFFIANT's word processor, stated to AFFIANT that pages 21 to 25 (attached as Exhibit “H”) of a document that he was working on had been electronically tampered with. The word processor was preparing a list of eleven persons who had been murdered and the numbers 2 through 10 had been changed to the number “1”; the eleventh murdered victims named remained unchanged, reflecting the number “11”. The computer screen listed the numbers correctly before and after the document was printed. With 9 numbers changed to a one, ironically they signified 9-11 (an obvious subliminal message).

24. On October 12, 2003, as AFFIANT's word processor was again working on the Apple G-5 computer composing a document, the first three in a list were numbered correctly; however, on the following page, the next three were numbered “3” on the computer screen, instead of sequentially. Three names were each incorrectly numbered as “3”, which has significance to witches (3,3,3). Despite many attempts, the word processor stated he was completely unable to correct these incorrect numbers. It was as though someone else was controlling the computer. When the word processor ran another copy of the document, it printed correctly reflecting the numbers sequentially.


25. On October 13, 2003 . AFFIANT was told by a knowledgeable source that there is a contract on his life, because of the Riconoscuito Terrorism Report (See Exhibit “H”), AFFIANT's attached letters to U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft (8/29/03 Exhibit “I”) and Secretary Ridge (10/13/03 Exhibit “J”) and his investigations exposing the Satanic Movement in America plus CIA mind control projects. The Ashcroft/Ridge letters and the Report have been distributed widely throughout the United States . AFFIANT's informed source told him that there is a “hit” that has been contracted against AFFIANT in order to take his life, by the major Satanists' cult(s) in the United States , whose members control all of the major Federal Government regulatory agencies.

26. On October 15, 2003 , 10:15 a.m. As AFFIANT was standing in his Los Angeles living room speaking to an ally, a shot suddenly shattered a lite of glass in the window that AFFIANT was standing near. AFFIANT's companions and AFFIANT were unable to locate a bullet, so AFFIANT has concluded that it may have been a dart or perhaps an air gun pellet so there would be no solid evidence of a possible attempt on his life. Since the shot was 14 inches above the floor level it seemed to be a warning shot. AFFIANT called the LAPD and two uniformed officers arrived to take a report. Photos enclosed as Exhibit “K”.

27. AFFIANT cannot be certain if Paragraph 22 above was an attempt to scare him so as to cause AFFIANT to drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona, his next speaking engagement location, where, according to an informed source, person or persons unknown have entered into a conspiracy, the objective being to assassinate AFFIANT. AFFIANT does not know if Paragraph 26 above was merely a harassment exercise or a warning or an actual attempt to kill him by the conspirators. AFFIANT believes it was a scare tactic to induce him to go to Phoenix , where he believes an assassin and his three associates were waiting to kill him. Individually, each event appears seemingly “harmless”, but when viewed in concert, with the facts of the Ashcroft and Ridge letters and AFFIANT's 9-11 Terrorism Report, the situation becomes a grave and serious matter demanding attention.

28. Periodically, on at least six occasions, beginning August 23 until October 20, 2003 , a perfumed odor (like incense) has been sprayed in such a manner that the aroma would permeate my Los Angeles dwelling. Based on knowledge, information and belief, AFFIANT states that the substance is a mind-altering substance whose affect creates temporary disorientation. Further, AFFIANT believes that this is an attempt to prevent him from exposing the Satanic Movement, both inside and outside the Government.


29. AFFIANT has a client who recently has asked AFFIANT for help in inspecting a Satanists' cult located on the East Coast. AFFIANT's client prepared a report about a young lady in her early 20's who is trapped in a Satanic cult run by her father. Her father is also a pedophile. Her father rapes her often and forces her into prostitution. The clients fictionalized version of this lady's plight has been sold by AFFIANT, as he tries to educate the public and suck donations to rescue the girl (See Exhibit “L”) AFFIANT upon learning that murder contracts were placed on his life called his client and notified him that the rescue was called off.

30. This same client made hotel reservations at a hotel in New York City , but when he arrived at the hotel in New York he learned that his hotel reservation had been cancelled. He did not cancel it. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that the Government is acting with Satanists and they are solely responsible for this cancellation, since the Government has access to all airline reservations through the United States Government because of the USA PATRIOT ACT.

31. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that while in New York , his client was being surveilled and warned. AFFIANT's client was awakened at 2:30 a.m. and heard the doorknob of his room turn just as an intruder(s) was exiting his room. He then heard the nearby sounds of chanting at a low volume and realized that someone had turned on the radio in his room, whereupon he turned up the volume on the radio, only to discover that the tuner was tuned to an open frequency and he was only able to hear the sound of a station playing opera. AFFIANT has concluded based upon knowledge, information and belief that this was a warning since his client had never turned on the radio at all during his stay in that room.

32. On one occasion several months ago, this same client fell asleep in his living room on his living room couch. When he awakened in the morning, his shoes had been moved from where he had put them next to the couch to the other side of the room, a distance of 15 to 20 feet.

33. Affiant went to a LAPD substation and reported to a detective most of the October 3, 2003 incident. Then AFFIANT called the police department in the small town where the young lady lives and told the sergeant about everything without naming names.

34. In September, 2003, on another occasion, this same client returned to his dwelling from an extended business trip and noticed that the papers on his desk had been turned upside down and the bedding on his bed had been disturbed and was disheveled. Some of his pages regarding the young lady's plight were on the floor.


A. The government intelligence community has a number of techniques used to surreptitiously acquire a target and terminate him (a euphemism for assassination). Below are examples:

a. Cigarette holder with white tube that appears to be a cigarette. This device shoots poison darts that feels like a bug bite into the target.

b. Glass knife. The assassin gets close to the target and sticks the knife in the victim. No one would notice the knife. It can get past conventional metal weapon detectors. Such a knife could be small enough to be held up a sleeve out of sight.

c. Dropping liquid or powdered poison into a drink or food when the target is not looking, causing a heart attack or other fatal medical condition.

d. Using a poison-tipped needle in the palm of the hand, the assassin slaps the target on the shoulder or back in a gesture of endearment or camaraderie.

e. Small caliber gun (22 caliber), its barrel covered with a baby bottle nipple (acting as a silencer). The assassin places the gun in the mastoid area and fires. The bullet, not being very powerful, enters the head and ricochets inside the skull, in a manner that shreds the brain and stops the involuntary muscle control center, resulting in death.

B. It should be noted that AFFIANT has furnished the above information (Paragraph 1 through 34) to the Los Angeles Police Department.

C. NOTE: Due to the threats on his life, the surveillance, the monitoring and telephone taps, and the threats to friends, AFFIANT has decided that AFFIANT will no longer make public appearances; however, AFFIANT will continue his video and audio exposés.

Pursuant to Title 28 Section 1746(1), and according to the oath (I do solemnly swear to tell the truth…), AFFIANT does hereby affirm that the aforementioned facts are true, correct and complete to his knowledge, information and belief.

AFFIANT states that this Affidavit was prepared in the presence of our Almighty God, the Eternal One and Heavenly Father and His Son, Yashua the Christ, on this the 20 th day of October, 2003.

Ted L. Gunderson


The Witnesses do affirm by their signatures below that the person, Ted L. Gunderson, is known to them and did appear on the 20 th day of October, 2003, and did place his signature on this document in the presence of the Witnesses.

Aric Leavitt
Doug Millar

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Postby Hidden Foot » Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:12 pm

There certainly appears to be a very dark shadow to this 'ole USA government now doesn't there?

Seems some will stop at nothing to maintain their illusion of control.

Illusion being the operative word.

Hats off to TG for taking a stand - not many have the fortitude.

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