Here is the level of fanaticism that the WORLD faces!

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Here is the level of fanaticism that the WORLD faces!

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:34 pm ... index.html

Some telling quotes from this story:

Al Qaeda has put a $100,000 price on his head and offered an extra $50,000 for anyone who murders him by slitting his throat

This coming from a group of "religious" people who decry worshipping "Mammon" and all things material. And yet they offer a MATERIAL reward to murder someone for exercising freedom of speech? The blatant hypocrisy is enough to make one sick. But these types of zealots and fundamentalists just don't see it. They wish to control the world, and that means telling you what you can/cannot say and what you must believe. Fascism at its worst.

Pakistan and Iran also lodged formal protests with Sweden.

This also is a window into how these types of people view government... as a thing that must CONTROL how people express themselves.

One Swedish Muslim woman who lives just an hour-and-a-half drive from Vilks said she hopes to make good on the al Qaeda threat and slaughter Vilks like a lamb.

"I can do this in the name of Allah, and I will not fail. I could slaughter him in the name of Allah," says the woman who identified herself only as Amatullah.

Another sobering thought... these people believe in the righteousness of killing someone for offending God (as if God could not do it if He wanted to?). Didn't we (Western/Christians) outgrow this when we saw how wrong the Crusades & Inquisition were?

Dressed in a black burqa from head to toe and uttering death threat after death threat, the woman -- a wife and mother -- says she is defending her religion and her prophet if she manages to kill Vilks.

Amatullah has already been fined for issuing death threats.

Again... clearly fascist philosophies here. This is something that people think we can "live peacefully with"??? Hardly. As much as I do not like saying it, some situations in life actually DO boil down to "kill or be killed".

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