Bigger Problem: Government or Political Correctness?

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Bigger Problem: Government or Political Correctness?

Postby You Can Call Me Ray » Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:46 pm

I get nauseous when reading all of the people and their darned conspiracy theories that tell us how "the government is passing laws that take away our liberties!!!". If EVER there was a type of person that deserved the branding of Chicken Little, this is the type!

Meanwhile, we are seeing more and more evidence that GOVERNMENT is passing no such laws, but instead LOCAL BUREAUCRATS are (on their own, with NO backing by law) deciding what is "appropriate speech". Here is just ONE example of how Political Correctness is becoming a bigger threat to our liberties than ANY law that could be passed at the Federal level:

The traditional Dickens Christmas Festival has been re-named the Dickens Holiday Festival so the city can advertise in local schools.

and the kicker:

“We changed the name this year for the schools because we wanted to advertise in the school brochures and the schools have a list of words you can’t use like Santa, Christmas and Nativity. So did a brochure for the schools and we took those words out.”

There it is, folks. BLATANT censorship! Can it be any more obvious? The problem is NOT "big, bad Federale Guvmint"... it is a "grass roots" problem and it stems from us believing that people "need to be protected" from any possibility of them being offended by the inclusion (or exclusion?) of specific words and/or traditions.

Now plenty of people around here know that I don't take the deep traditions of Christianity nor Catholicism very seriously... and have some differences of opinion with those belief systems. But that does NOT mean that I need to be "protected" from the use of words associated with those traditions!!! :shock:

This has gone from ridiculous, to sublime, to now being an OUTRIGHT ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH. Who the hell empowered ANY local official to put together a list of "banned words" that could not be used in schools??? And interesting the words that show up on that explicit list. I wonder if the "s" word, or "f" word are also explicity called out? (Hey, if we are going to be complete....shouldn't we also include the obvious?)

We are doing it to ourselves, people. No intervention by the Federales is necessary. One can only hope that someone from Saginaw will see fit to take this to a court and have these local school officials admonished for denying free speech!!!

The organization maintains the spirit of the festival won’t change, simply the name.

And this is where it all begins. Once "they" get you to change the name, do you really think it is that long before they demand things like a Nativity scene or Christmas tree also be removed from the "celebrations"?

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Postby The Todal » Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:29 pm

Just a slight detour from the OP's post but its nice to see that the UK isnt the only country where PC has gone mad.
In the UK now we are afraid to say almost anything for fear of offending someone, or of even doing something for fear of offence.
Not directly related but similar:
Last weekend my wife and I decided to go into Bath for the day and use Local Transport. We got on the bus which over the next few stops quickly filled up.
At one stop a young heavily pregnant girl and her friend got on, and I immediately stood up and offered her my seat.
She looked at me contemptuously and said, quite loudly, " I dont need any help from an old fart like you" and her and her friend laughed. I felt so embarrased. Same day a few hours later in Bath. We were walking along when a group of relatively young girls came towards us. All were wearing very low cut tops. When they got near us, one of the stopped and said to me "What are you looking at, pervert". My wife immediately stepped right up to the girls face and said, "Look scrubber, if you dont want people looking at your scabby little tits then cover them up" and with that we walked off, but I dont know what I would have done if she wasnt there.

In the UK we now seem so desperate to make others feel happy we are denying our own Britishness, we have HUGE street parties for Indian festivals, but if you hang out a flag for St Georges day you get told to take it down.
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Postby Access Denied » Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:06 am

The Todal wrote:My wife immediately stepped right up to the girls face and said, "Look scrubber, if you dont want people looking at your scabby little tits then cover them up" and with that we walked off, but I dont know what I would have done if she wasnt there.

I don't know what a scrubber is but your wife sounds like she has a great sense of humor!

Whatever happened to survival of the fittest? Seems to me the PC movement is just giving people an excuse to be weak…
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