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Postby Chorlton » Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:52 am

Well as an aside from the inconsequential politics of our little antidiluvian colony across the pond. British politics is ejoying a new resurgence after all the scandals of expenses and corruption etc etc etc.

I predict a very nice hung Parliament, that will then fumble around for 6 months or so resulting in a big falling out and another General Election. However in that 6 month period the Libs might be able to force through some decent political changes like decent representation of the people and not a syatem where sometime the party that least people vot for gets elected.

Ive advocated a No-Vote party and if it works out that more people dont vote than do I shall call the Queen and will be expected to form the next Government.
My first laws will be to ban cyclists, enforce deportation for Gingers and French people, and ban turnips.
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