Youre Joking......Right?

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Youre Joking......Right?

Postby Chorlton » Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:00 am

So we see the mighty US of A Senate demanding that our Ex-Home secretary, Jack Straw appear before them?.

If I were Jack I would send them a short note, concise and to the point, stating simply, "f---- Off" Thats all thats really needed here.
But firstly, Does the US Senate not understand the meaning of 'Devolved Government'? Jack Straw had nothing whasoever to do with The release of Al-Megrahi, It was a decision made solely by the Scottish Justice secretary Kenny MacAskil, alongside the Scottish Probation Service. They made the final decision, on compassionate grounds. It had nothing whatsoever to do with jack Straw or the British Government. There was also the underlying question of whether Al-Megrahi was even guilty of the Pan Am bombings in the first place.

And secondly, (and for me the most relevant point) The US refuses to allow US Airmen to attend any Public Enquiries in the UK involving deaths by friendly fire in Afghanistan and Iraq.
So I would suggest the little old ladies of the US Senate stop their sabre rattling, STFU and start understanding that co-operation is a two-way street.

Jack Straw just announces he is not going to the US. Thats the way jack, Thats the way.
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