Chavez in 'critical' condition

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Chavez in 'critical' condition

Postby Smersh » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:53 am

“VENEZUELA'S President Hugo Chavez, who is in Cuba following emergency
surgery, is in "critical" but stable condition.

Chavez's government has said he was operated on for a pelvic abscess June 10 and is recovering well; the president's brother has told Venezuelan state media that Chavez could return to Caracas in about two weeks ...

Full story:

Hmmm ... well, what with his mate Ammaginnajihad being under the cosh in Iran and his other pal in Libya currently feeling the heat as well, it looks like there might be a few changes afoot around the world soon doesn't it?

Quote from that 3rd link I just gave above incidentally:

... Five years later the Venezuelan received the Gaddafi International Human Rights Prize ...

Crikey, that sounds like a prize worth having doesn't it?
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