Why I support Obama.

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Why I support Obama.

Postby MikeJamieson » Mon May 21, 2007 5:17 pm

Barack Obama has been walking the talk of coalition building by
fashioning legislation (in effective partnerships with Republicans) that has addressed previously undealt with matters, going all the way back to his Illinois
State Senate days. (Where, due in key part to his efforts, progress
was made in the areas of
education and healthcare.) As Democratic strategist (and often Obama critic)
David Sirota observed in The Nation (June 28, 2006): "His charisma, intellect
and ability to build bipartisan coalitions were evident early in his
career, fueling
progressive's high hopes for him."

Since arriving in the U.S. Senate, Senator Obama has authored and coauthored
several pieces of legislation (with key Republican Senators) which for the first
time has broken two decades of deadlock on energy related issues.
(American Fuels Act; Biofuels Security Act; Fuel Economy Reform Act; Health
Care for Hybrids Act; Oil Sense Act; Fuel Up Act).

This background, which at times disturbs progressives, liberals and even his
Party in general when he has failed to walk with them on certain votes
Condoleeza Rice, voting for the class action "reform" bill, etc.), is a key part
of the foundation for his rationale in running for President.
Appearing recently
on a skeletal version of the former Don Imus show, Obama said he was running
for President because he felt he had the "potential capacity" to garner "60%
support for moving the agenda forward on energy and health care".

Nvupnorth (Reno based blogger) has asked me to write a little something about why I support Obama.
Like the many, many voters in this last election who were simply sick and tired
of all the screaming missionaries (representing this and that
ideology), I felt it
was time for a major repair job on our political and governing
processes. At first
I supported a candidate who was a bit to the right of me, Senator and
former Governor Evan Bayh. Bayh, though, had a long track record
also of building coalitions and working to manifest a progressive
agenda in such a way as to not
create polarizing conditions in the process. Evan was certainly not known as
Mr. Charisma, but clearly his decency and integrity were well established facts.

When it didn't work out for Bayh, I thought at first I might just
remain uncommitted
till near the time when it came to vote in the caucus. But, all the
while, I was listening to everyone of the candidates and clearly, in
Barack Obama, I was seeing
not only the same potential, message and modus operandi that I
saw in Bayh, but also something special and powerful that I felt
could serve as a vehicle
towards healing our relations with the rest of the world.

I feel like that ten year old boy again, who watched in awe and wonder
as John F. Kennedy became our President. Whatever happens in this
"battle" for our Party's nomination, I think Barack Obama will have
helped established a healthier atmosphere in politics, drawn in more
people to the process and contributed to moving the agenda forward
in a progressive way on several key fronts.
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