Exopols FINALLY get their issue on the frontburner!

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Exopols FINALLY get their issue on the frontburner!

Postby MikeJamieson » Wed Oct 31, 2007 4:43 pm

Exopoliticians last night saw their issue go the front of the line, during
the Democrats' debate last night in Philly!
Here's my blog report on this. (Notice I have given everyone nicknames

reposted from my blog: http://washoedemocratcaucus.blogspot.com

Two Debate Bombshells! John-Boy and Renegade begin undoing Bruja's
Spells and an Ambassador from the Stars is Revealed!

You may have noticed some folks this am walking around as
if they had woken up from a long sleep. Some may have even
approached you to ask what Month/Day and Year it was. This
type of thing has been observed in other cultures where
shamanic/sorceric practices have affected large segments of
the population. And, then through some influence of a more
postive nature, awakened from binding spells.

John-Boy Walton last night was the most graphic and cutting
in exposing the various sorceric tricks of the Bruja. Renegade
took the softer approach in illustrating the Ways of the Bruja.
Renegade also made an effort to expose the Ways of the Android,
running for the Republican nomination and leading in Iowa and
NH polls.

Viewers of last night's debate on MSNBC also were introduced
to what may be in store for us in a faraway Future where the
Human species has grown up somewhat. As many know, the enlightened
policies of Dennis Kucinich do NOT seem to fit our current realities
of life here. The major Influence on the Cleveland area Congressman
has now been revealed: He has bonded with those who have come from
the Stars!!! Apparently, he has been sharing a vision of how we
COULD be living, based on his deep relationship with these Star
(coming in their huge Triangular shaped Craft).

After the debate, Bill Richardson told Chris Matthews that the
was still covering up what happened at Roswell in the late 1940s.
Apparently, the Governor might just be interested in a new
position, one that would take him to exciting venues way off the

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