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Exopolitics UK

Postby IsaacKoi » Sat Dec 13, 2008 2:22 pm

Those of you that (like me) had previously thought that Exopolitics was an affliction that basically only affected some ufologists in America may be interested in:

(1) The website of "Exopolitics UK - Messengers of Conception".


The person behind this website (?"David") seems to be fairly active on the Open Minds forum (which I know some of are familiar with and probably spend more time reading than I do) and quite knowledgeable about the exopolitics sub-culture (or should that be sub-sub-culture, since it is an off-shoot of ufology which is itself a sub-culture).

(2) A podcast on that website with Eliahi Priest "Director of ICIS UK". Some of you will have come across ICIS before, but not a UK branch of it. The blurb on the Exopolitics website states: "The Institute for Co-operation in Space is primarily run from Canada and Ecuador but recently the UK gained it's own ICIS representative. Eliahi is a native Australian, now living in Scotland and is doing great things as part of the wider exopolitical issues of which ICIS ethos is a part. Topics: What is new energy, collective consciousness shifts, water-powered cars, UK role in new energy systems, infiltrating British politics, male dominator culture, definitions of anarchy, nihilsm, exopolitical paradigm shifts, black-projects, leaving the gravity well of earth".

The relevant interview can be heard on the webpage at the link below:
http://www.exopolitics.org.uk/media-obj ... f-icis-uk/

For anyone interested, I've cut and pasted some background information from the Exopolitics UK website below.

Kind Regards,


>From the frontpage of Exopolitics UK:
"This site demonstrates adequate evidence of visitation and intervention by advanced beings. This situation is subject to a truth embargo. The global Exopolitical network calls for truth-amnesty for above-government structures, formal acknowledgement of E.T.I. plus amplification of C.E.5. or human-initiated contact. Exopolitics is still developing as a research area - Essentially it takes a similar approach to deep politics in breaking down a complex, fluid field that includes UFOlogy as just one element of focus as well as ecology, philosophy, anthropology, energy systems and sciences. It has also been described as 'the new social science of transformation' and functions using both a formal activist approach as well efficient, horizontalised information systems."

>From the "Mission" page of Expolitics UK:

"The UK branch of the growing global exopolitics network aims to offer a point of information and interaction that represents British developments and involvement in the ongoing process of providing various platforms for communication with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences. This involves contributing to the rapidly growing field of exopolitical research across the globe whilst also acting as a local focus for [pro] active strategy form a British point of view."

"The mission statement of Exopolitics UK can be summarised in the following points. These points are a synopsis of the more detailed aims and objectives that have grown from ongoing debate in the field. The collective aims of the global network are still organically developing and thus under constant re-vision. Data validating these issues can be found on this and other sites of a similar nature."


"- The era of looped debating whether ETI [extra-terrestrial intelligence] exists and are engaging our species has pragmatically shifted to assuming this to be the case. Similarly endless discussion of one hypothesis vs. another as to the nature of the wide variety of H.I.As [Higher Intel Agents] ie: whether dimensional or temporal etc., is pointless given the minimal datasets we currently have to validate this area and the restrictions of language structures that function via linear, binary conceptual framework. The starting point is therefore more to do with how we, as just one of many galactic civilisations, create suitable structures for communicating with this intelligence in order to bootstrap all species to higher states of awareness.

"- That a truth embargo, whether intentional or otherwise, exists in many of our social and political structures and should be ended and replaced with greater transparency and accountability.

"- That a trans-national network of above-government cabals has sought to control the info-sphere in relation to the ETI presence and sequestered advanced technology destined for use by the human collective as a planetary whole. A wide range of evidence suggests that many of these projects and personnel are funded by a separate, illegal pseudo-economy or black budget. The issue is considered so crucial that it was rated as a dis-information priority at a secrecy level rated higher than the developing H-Bomb at the time.

"- We realise that as a species we are operating on a finite time-scale for disclosing and interacting with ET presence. This time-scale began with the use of the first atomic weapon which caused a rapid increase in visitations and warnings from off-world entities. At present the formal 'disclosure' time-scale is being partially dictated by a cabal who are unknown to the 7 billion people who inhabit this planet.
"- That a complex array of ecological issues are implicitly linked to our current problems as a planet and that dialogue with other cultures is urgently required to develop mutually beneficial solutions that in actuality may well mean the difference between evolutionary survival and species destruction.

"- That grass-roots and horizontal methods of sharing information is equally as important as addressing more formal, established systems and that new forms of communication are required as part of the process of accepting and understanding a galactic consciousness.

"Aims and Objectives:

"Operate a policy of engaging the sectors of society that have historically failed in their roles of openly discussing exopolitical issues. This means creating representation within the more leading edge fields within for example:
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parliamentary and local political groups
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<!--[endif]-->science, research and development
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economics and investment
mainstream or established media systems
To ensure that exopolitical issues begin to be represented in currently unresponsive government and civil service structures.

"To help create a more appropriate climate in which any witnesses and can safely interact with wider society when discussing issues related to disclosing the ETI presence.

"To inform people of the plan to weaponise space and use of false flag scenarios.
"To develop a positive alternate structure to engage off-world, advanced beings and by doing so balance much of the negative PR formed since WW2 by military and corporate structures. Inherent to this is the use of various C.E.5 protocols [human initiated contact] which will demonstrate that a sufficient element of gravity-well dwellers are ready to engage - this feedback loop in turn ends the ETI prime directive of non-intervention.
"To act as a reference point for the expansion of the exopolitical field in terms of language and concepts and by doing so move the terms and definitions of the 'UFO phenomenon' or UFOlogy away from their current negative associations."
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Re: Exopolitics UK

Postby MikeJamieson » Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:06 am

Hi Isaac, I found this interesting blog the other day:


James Black, the author of that blog, confronts the exopolitics memes.

I barely have a chance to look into that scene nowadays, but recently did visit Michael Salla's yahoo group and posted some stuff that hopefully countered the notion that the new President would be disclosing UFO secrets.

The exopolitical "picture" of things now seems to include massive UFO fleets following and protecting Obama.
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