Ed Komarek on "Housecleaning Exopolitics"

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Ed Komarek on "Housecleaning Exopolitics"

Postby MikeJamieson » Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:36 pm

This was sent out this morning via his email list and posted at his blog. Looks pretty good to my eyes. He's talking about the latest flareup between Michael Horn and Michael Salla/Paola Harris re: Alex Collier, btw.

Housecleaning Exopolitics
By Ed Komarek
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My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

Over a number of years now I have written a large number of articles on exopolitics that detail some of the concepts and provide some of the evidence for those concepts. While I think the general concepts are sound I do realize that the overall database is extremely polluted by all too human frailties and government counterintelligence operations. I think its time to start thinking about how to drain the swamp or clear up the pollution in the lake.

I just reported on a longstanding feud in the exopolitical camp between warring contactee advocates that shows very clearly that a failure to deal with underlying issues results in needless and wasteful conflict. The issue that this conflict is really about is how to we determine what is real and what is not. We do have some tools at our disposal to separate the wheat from the chaff it we can muster the collective will to address these issues. In this article I attempted to begin a conversation by suggesting some ways and procedures that might be used to discriminate between the real and the unreal. Now please try not to laugh, of course it’s not so funny when it is happening you! http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2009/07 ... spute.html

It’s been my personal experience that alleged real contactees are very publicity shy and this seems is in accordance with the covert nature of the extraterrestrial-ultra terrestrial presence. People that truly run across a extraterrestrial engaged in some sort of activity have a hard enough time of it if they go public, but someone that really has ongoing face to face contact has some very serious issues to contend with should they go public.

I think this refusal to go public involves the security of the ET’s covert operations and government surveillance and counterintelligence operations being run on the extraterrestrials. It’s dangerous enough to become embroiled and trapped in a conflict between feuding countries let alone getting in the middle of a conflict between world governments and the extraterrestrials.

We now have a new tool or concept at our disposal that can be used to easly separate real film and video from fake film and video. This concept causes me to think that there are very few if any public contactees that are real and not hoaxing especially when pictures are involved. This is a important post of mine that I quietly slipped into my blog without much fanfare. Now why did I not think of this? http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2009/07 ... tures.html

I also believe that there are real abductees with missing time but they are few in number as compared to the large numbers being reported. I think it is entirely possible that many abductees are either engaged in self deception for psychological reasons and needs or have been unconsciously and subconsciously mislead by amateur abductee investigators and researchers using hypnotic methods to try to gather more information on the alleged abduction.

Anybody who has studied memory knows that memory is very malleable, changes over time and is very much subject to being changed by subconscious forces of the individual, researchers and general societal conditioning. The use of hypnosis to extract hidden memories may in many cases do more harm that good to both the abductee and the researcher by confusing both. Of course if psychological problems arise or erupt from the experience then it makes since to contact a qualified professional psychiatrist or psychologist with experience in abduction cases.

The subconscious of a person in a hypnotic trance will as often as not create a false memory to substantiate a researchers conscious or unconscious belief, need or desire rather than present a true memory of the event being investigated that might run counter to the investigators own conscious or unconscious beliefs. Today a person with missing time can not help but be exposed to abductee culture through the media, movies, UFO conferences and personal contact with others that have been so exposed. I think that the early data gathered before this abductee culture developed might be less tainted and distorted than the data gathered in recent times.

I do believe there are real abductees with missing time and physical scars to prove it, but these real abductees might be much less that ten percent of the total database of abductees. I know from my personal experience as a UFO/ET investigator doing lectures at places with a captive audience like Rotary Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs that out of fifty people there will be two or three that will tell me of a good sighting.

I might have to run through 500 people before somebody tells me in confidence that they had missing time and scars. When they do confine in me they usually say that no way do they want to remember what happened or go public. They just as soon forget and get on with their lives. This personal experience makes me extremely skeptical of speculations as to up to a billion people being abducted.

I realize this is not going to make me any more popular with abductee constituencies as with contactee constituencies but its just my opinion at present and only time and very good scientific research under very rigid scientific protocols will be able to give us some accurate numbers. In my opinion we really don’t even know the extent of our ignorance let alone what is really going on because of all the pollution in exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general. Or maybe I am just getting a little jaded and cynical in my old age.

I don’t see how we can get much further in exopolitics unless we can attract more scientific attention and have the government stop lying and disempowering the public. I think there is movement on both fronts but it’s much too slow a process to move society back on the evolutionary track for a much better world.

I can only hope that something radical and unexpected will break the impasse and help us get back on track and off the catastrophic path we have collectively set for ourselves. The failed policy of non-disclosure was implemented over 60 years ago by the nations of the world and only begrudgingly are the nations now beginning to rethink this policy and move slowly in the direction of disclosure. That’s not good enough.

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Re: Ed Komarek on "Housecleaning Exopolitics"

Postby ryguy » Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:53 pm

In my opinion we really don’t even know the extent of our ignorance let alone what is really going on because of all the pollution in exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general.

Wow...well written and I wouldn't have expected this from Ed. Maybe some day soon he'll find his way back here after all. :)

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Re: Ed Komarek on "Housecleaning Exopolitics"

Postby Chorlton » Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:19 am

Its all this sort of junk stuff that is making me (and some others)withdraw more and more from anything related to UFO's and associated stuff.

People talk about 'Exopolitics' like its actually real. It isnt, there is no such actual concept. It is a totally invented idea with no basis, its pure b.s. created by sad individuals with no lives or who were unable to make an impression in the UFO field.

To believe in any idea of Exopolitics one must make (and miss) the leap of logic from 'We are alone' to 'There are aliens living amongst us' and totally ignore anything inbetween.

I read this rubbish:
"Exopolitics is a new scientific discipline that focuses on the political aspects of interactions with extraterrestrial life. It studies the key individuals, institutions and political processes that are associated with extraterrestrial life in general, as well as, more specifically, those associated with the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. It therefore belongs to the political sciences."

What total and utter childish purile rubbish. You cant have any 'exopolitics' without having the 'exo'=Aliens. Yet self important people (who probably see money in it) jump on the bandwagon, then again many who are already on the bandwagon lack any credibility to start with.

I mean, if one accepts Exopolitics as real then surely we should have 'Endopolitics'? Why not? I would even propose an explanation for it.
"Endopolitics is a new scientific discipline that focuses on the political aspects of interactions with dead people. It studies the key individuals, institutions and political processes that are associated with the After Life in general, as well as, more specifically, those associated with the dead people'sl presence here on Earth. It therefore belongs to the political sciences."

How anyone with an active braincell could consider that 'Exopolitics' is nothing more than self important fools attempting to avoid the argument of 'Are Aliens here', beats me.

Excuse me Ive got to go and have tea with my dead father whos got an alien as a lodger who hasnt paid his rent. I need an Exolawyer.
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Re: Ed Komarek on "Housecleaning Exopolitics"

Postby Smersh » Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:23 pm

I think the key part of the term "Exopolitics" in trying to gain an understand of what it's all about is "politics." One of the arts of politics lies in convincingly spouting any old BS to please the masses to become popular. :wink:
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