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The Science of Extraterrestrials for FREE

Postby jeandebaune » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:13 pm

Hello everyone,

I've just been banned from OMF for having said that Michael Salla (and other "elite" from OMF) showed every sign of intellectual dishonesty in the Eric Julien case. But before, I informed people about a good news...(here is the post on OMF)

I just wanted to inform you that the book The Science of Extraterrestrials, by Eric Julien, is now available for FREE in English, French, Spanish and Chinese here :

The direct link to download the English version is this one :

See below the praise for The Science of Extraterrestrials which is available at amazon (but why purchasing it when it's free !):

If, once downloaded, the free reading of this book through a screen, or your own printing version, is difficult for you, you might appreciate to read it in its paper version with only $15 through this following website which has nothing to do with the author, nor with me :

See the article about it.

I would like to point out other books and articles available for FREE from the same author, but in French (you are free to translate them as you wish), especially the two volumes book Les Messagers (The Messengers) I and II, plus the VERY IMPORTANT scientific addendum (second link below).

You probably remember what did this author in the past in the name of benevolent ETs :

1) The World ET Referendum "DO YOU WISH THAT WE SHOW UP ?", read by millions of people in more than 20 languages all over the world. The former site has been erased by some "people", but it remains this one :

It's the most important message from ETs. There is even a petition with more than 11,000 signatures from many countries :

2) THE SCIENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS in French in 2005, then in English (+ Chinese and Spanish) in 2006. (see the praise below)

3) The Conditionnal Tsunami Alert for May 25th, 2006, with the cancellation of the Divine Strake test ON May 25th, 2006, test which was the condition of this alert related to the SW3 comet mysterious fragmentation approaching earth AND the impending threat of a NUCLEAR WAR against Iran by the USA following this "bunker penetrator test" in Nevada. The author was the very first one who warned that the atomic bomb was a theat FOR THE ETs AND THE DEPARTED (i.e. the spiritual world), "thanks to the fractal nature of the time". Everyone was laughing at him. Now, everyone is taking this matter seriously with the recent conference of Hasting and Salas in D.C. about the correlation between UFOs and Nukes.

Everyone, including the author, knew that the main fragments of SW3 had to pass far from the Earth, but NOT the smaller ones, helped by the solar wind to impact our planet, what they exactly did. Here is the whole story :


Under the pseudo doubleeffect, the author warned the readers of openminds forum, in may 2008 (!) that the Source A story was just an INTEL OPS. Everyone told him that he was so fool. Now, see the result.

Recently here again (OMF), end of 2008, the author warned the readers (of OMF) about a catastrophe close to Chattanooga here with two clues :

1) Skull Island,
2) I won't see 2009.

This later clue meant that the event had not to occur before 2010 ("won't see 2009"), when everyone thought it had to occur in 2008. He later wrote a letter in French called "La Lettre des Messagers" (see link of free French downloads page above), where he says that he has been visited by two FBI agents in his Georgian appartment (Fort Oglethorpe).

To create decoys, he gave several differents dates for this catastrophe to occur because he was constantly followed by intel agencies, until the last time in April 2010 where a Navy Division team was present close to his latest hotel in USA. This Division is the Special Requirement Communication Division at the Naval Air Warfare Center of the Navy.

This effective surveillance was due to his announcement of his boarding in a benevolent ET ship just before that catastrophe.


Well, now, the most important thing is that these events are approaching very close, before end of November ! They are announcing the REAL DISCLOSURE FROM THE BENEVOLENT ETs, since the author wrote that he will bring back HARD EVIDENCE OF THE ET EXISTENCE FROM HIS TRIP OUT THERE.


PRAISE FOR THE SCIENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS (from almost all over the world).

Comments of some scientific readers

“If the hypothesis, fascinating I must admit, of Eric Julien is verified directly or indirectly, so yes, that would explain all the paranormal, I indeed say all the SUPERNATURAL, more exactly all the NATURAL NOT ALREADY EXPLAINED, and one must give to him the Nobel prize of physics”. Michel Carmassi (Phd) French Physicist

“The demonstration is convincing! … I find the whole very well structured and interesting; as for the innovative aspect, not to worry.” Michel Actis, Doctor in Physics, France.

“I am happy to be useful to you. Your views on the phenomenon of time are very interesting to my colleagues and myself.” Alexander Levich, Physicist, President of the Institute of Time Nature Exploration, Russia.

“My opinion of this book is that it is highly coherent. … It is okay that it is coherent, but it is not enough that the pieces all agree among themselves: do they agree with the reality of things? That is where it becomes interesting. In fact, its field of investigation ranges from the microscopic (a study of matter at the fundamental level, the internal structure of the wave of matter, the structure of the electron and of light, the structure of space and of time, fundamental forces, energy, heat, and so on) to the macroscopic (a study of the formation of the galaxies, of gravitation at the universal scale, of missing mass, and so on); giving explanations that are plausible, coherent, and in accordance with the observations that quantum physics and astrophysics have been able to provide but not to explain. … In this sense, it lays the foundations of a new physics with a vision that is unifying and finally fundamentally simple (although abstract), meanwhile paying homage to the labors of those whose ideas have served him in the effort to make explicit, in scientific language, what he had in mind (Ari Letho, Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet, and so on). … It becomes clear that his theory goes much further than what already exists, and that it is innovative. … The coherence includes paranormal effects (psychic abilities, telepathy, displacement in the spiritual body, memory of dreams, and so on) and explanations relative to the effects of UFOs (displacement of the ships, various visual effects, missing time, creation of crop circles, radiant impacts on nature, and so on). There it become a theory of the super-all, but one that does not need all kinds of lumps to succeed in unifying the various elements: all is based on one unique concept. It s probably one of the best books ever published in ufology from a scientific point of view.” Pascal di Scala, Professor of Mathematics, France.

Having had scientific training (Centrale School Engineer Paris), I found in the book of Eric Julien a well argued development in favor of his absolute Relativity. This new approach, which upsets our usual concepts, seems me to propose solid answers to currently unsolved scientific problems. And, more important in my eyes still, absolute Relativity brings something essential for the comprehension of the spiritual world. I thus can only highly recommend the reading of this book to any person eager to understand who we are . Philippe Pellaumail 44800 Saint-Herblain, France.

“Eric Julien has worked much to assimilate the laws of physics in their latest development: limited and generalized relativity, quantum mechanics, cosmology. He uses his knowledge of these domains to draw up a theory that would explain the existence of extraterrestrials and how they would reach us, even living so far from us on the universal scale. … This book is very clever, and being scientifically trained, I would have to study it closely to detect possible tricks. In any case this book is a scientific mine. Competent physicists would need to give their opinions on the method and the results. I am pleased to signal the enormous scientific work behind and the certain interest in this book beyond the polemics that it may engender here and there. … This book deserves to be read for the scientific knowledge that it provides. …” Alain Pelosato, Editor in Chief of Science-Fiction Magazine.

Comments of some professional readers

It is huge, it s like a Copernicus revolution just like the one in every millennium in sciences. This may be the most important book ever published on UFOs. I am still suspicious of theories-that-explain-it-all, but this book blew me away and I am bluffed . Michel Picard, author of Les OVNIs, laboratoire du futur (UFOs, Laboratory of Future)

I am still so impressed by your monumental Work that words are missing to express to you the state of plenitude in which it put me in since its discovery, as of its release. Following the good advice of Mr Gurdjieff, I finished his third reading at a rate of a good hour, daily. (Former teacher; to understand is one thing but it is still necessary to have the capacity to express it. What a book!) ( ) Be deeply thanked. 45 years of research and experimentations overall propose many outcomes. You just delivered the Key. I remain startled. Not being of adulating nature, I confess to find myself, this time, exceptionally fulfilled. May your Extra-Knowledge finally illuminate this incipient millennium. Humbly Michel Thomas, France.

“I have no doubt of the great success that your work will have. … I need to admit to you that I consider myself a skeptic, as much on the subject of religion as on the subject of extraterrestrials, but your book has attracted my interest and my scientific curiosity. Although the subject of UFOs did not especially appeal to me, which is to say that it was not a cause for concern in my life, your book is so well written and so well founded that I would really be pleased to translate it.” Carlos Teixera, Translator, Brazil.

“All that I can do is to define your work by what it is not; it is not at all superficial! The tone of the account is constructive and optimistic, the recourse to the first person plural engaging the reader in a direct dialogue with the author. The utmost interest is constantly maintained by means of the prescient questions scattered through the text.” Sorina Sabau, Translator, Romania.

“Eric Julien provides explanations that are plausible, coherent, and in my humble opinion as someone not expert in the domain of the sciences, also all new in the field of Ufology. One of the greatest virtues of the work is its total coherence and cohesion, as all the subjects dealt with are perfectly argued, developed, and justified with respect to the goal that it had set for itself. In addition, it is written in simple and direct language, without academic jargon, in a style that makes understanding it easy and makes reading it a truly pleasant pastime. … I would like to offer you my congratulations, as you have created, in my opinion, a document that is truly intelligent, solid, well documented, and very pleasant to read.” Cristina Rodriguez, Translator, Spain.

“Among the books, so numerous, that enlighten us about the civilizations of the Extraterrestrials, and about paranormal phenomena such as UFOs, that of Eric Julien, The Science of the Extraterrestrials, seems to me to be unique. First, in a referential context, in full mastery of a fluid style of writing, by its logic of reasoning and the organization of its chapters, it provokes an internal conversation in the reader. Then, in order to convince, it argues as objectively as possible, adopting a didactic tone with a clear syntax, without ambiguity, without implications. It is a reading understandable to all; this is very important for the diffusion of its paradigm. As for the content of his work, it takes us to a Space-Time in comparison with which all that has been said and written is nothing! … To go beyond our civilizations almost exclusively devoted to materialism, the work of Eric Julien permits me to be less pessimistic and to believe that the scientific community will look into his theory, certainly a breathtaking prospect: a great revolution of thought may change the course of our human evolution.” Suzie Fontaine, University Professor, Italy.

“I have glanced through the work, and it seems to me to be interesting and to provide precise answers. This is not the case with other Ufological books, reflecting more intellectual masturbation than level-headed reflection, as is the case in this book. I like the third part, which provides certain explanations about UFO appearances with diagrams to back them up, and responds to questioning (about propulsion, and so on). Regardless of its origin, I find that the manuscript is well put together, well written, readily understandable, and deserving of at least as much attention as the works constantly cited in reference although they have provided nothing new in 30 or 40 years.” Bernard Thouanel, Editor in Chief of VSD Hors Serie specialised in UFOs, France.

“Today, even if science has helped us to explain the appearance of lightning, one retains a sense of powerlessness before the UFO. The work is all the more daring as it sets out to broach the subject of and to explain, with the scientific means available, this mysterious and controversial phenomenon. I need to warn you that the point of view on the work is that of a translator, thus of just anyone who does not possess the scientific information necessary to grasp in depth the explanations offered, and thus to realize the dimensions of the discovery. … If in the first part the reader is, little by little, familiarized with the problems that the discussion of this subject implies, in the second part the theory of Absolute Relativity will satisfy one’s curiosity by offering responses to the questions that arise as fast as the reading proceeds. The successive stages, marks of philosophical reflections, provide fluidity to the writing, which becomes light, far from transforming itself into a strictly technical text. … The explanations offered by the author make us enter another zone, and they aim at good sense and human capacity for understanding. The solution is simpler than expected: the structuring of time in 3 dimensions, in combination with the space-time relationship. The reasoning is well constructed and relevant, and it lets it be understood that the explanation happened to be in our reach, that one needed to make only the slightest effort to make the great discovery oneself. At the same time, it shows us the limits of our thought, and the risks it runs by following prefabricated logic. There is no need to force oneself to use Amstrong’s words (’one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’) concerning this work. The idea that an explanation for UFOs has been found, this lightning in the sky of the primitives, makes us think that what remains to be discovered is spectacular. One realizes that humanity has entered a new epoch, a new stage of development. In conclusion, it is necessary to note the profoundly humanistic message at the end of the work, where the author seeks to move us away from the false conviction that ETs represent a menace to our existence by pointing out to us the real danger, humanity itself, from the errors it commits.” Violeta Birtan, Translator, Romania.

“The fundamental thing that Eric Julien requests of us is not to believe but to understand, to doubt our knowledge, because only through doubt can we show our intelligence and nourish it. … ‘Intellectual strabismus never leads to the truth.’ A sentence that makes us think, that leaves us perplexed, because for the first time we are before a bifurcation: to doubt our knowledge and put in question all we have learned up to now, or instead to open our horizons and finally understand who we are in reality. But will we ever be in a position to brave such a journey?” Valentina Sommella, Translator, Italy.

“Well, ‘hats off,’ and what a nice surprise, I just glanced through Eric Julien’s book; it is a brick, but well spaced out by numerous diagrams and drawings. Diagrams sometimes of great complexity, sometimes of ‘lovely simplicity’ without ‘vulgar’ vulgarization. … It has taken its time to explain things well, point by point. All the same, the second part will remain reserved to the specialists, math aficionados, and lovers of modern theories–and others passionate about quantum physics. The neurons work, a little, or a lot to the point of insanity. … The last part will please all, including the ‘ground Ufologists’ who will be able to compare their data with the theories of Eric Julien. I applaud Eric Julien, who has an impartial book there. … The tone is cheerful and optimistic, and the literary style pleasant for such complex subjects.” Didier Herbots, Ufologist, Belgium.

.“In view of the very rich and very incisive content, we can thank your publisher, as it is courageous. … If people deign to contemplate your presentations of the nature of time, they will also be able to pose the good questions to themselves. … Goodness, it includes some beautiful things! … It is very well explained, a sheer marvel! … And very impressive in its precision. The work that you have done is so powerful. … It is BEAUTIFUL, what you explain. … A thousand thanks again!” Bernard Goepp, France

“I have read many manuscripts of this type, so … well, my surprise was not just considerable but overwhelming! … The manuscript needs reading, reading at all costs! … Truly an Adam-like man! His scaffolding of ideas, even insolent given the current erudition of certain points of view, but for all that not faulty, is not inclined to collapse; on the contrary, every page reveals to us arguments that one can not easily contradict. Understanding is put to the test for superficial readers, who can not realize that they are refuting a bedtime story! So much the worse for them! To cultivate the paradox, as principle and criterion, in order to inculcate in or even impose on the reader a reality that belongs to him and of which he is unaware, is quite redoubtable! But … what an accomplishment for the reader! … Its style and its writing are very easy, skipping along; ironic accents are not lacking, and there are assertions that awaken the interest and transport the reader to worlds never known. The text and the images find their appropriate place in the economy of the work. The importance of the ideation of the author, the depth of his analyses, so unusual, this magical universe, overwhelm and permit us at least to glimpse, if not to understand, what we really are, how our Universe properly speaking is defined, and in what manner it is to be envisaged! This author, writing at the start of the 21st Century (Einstein wrote at the start of the last century–coincidence?), makes us part of his very daring ideas, daring not only for the domain of mathematics (or contemporary physics) but also for other domains that fascinate and of which the abysses seem, apparently, uncontrollable by our weak intellectual capacity! But … SURPRISE! The author opens for us a hidden window, almost never known! I invite you to look at the landscape! It is incredible and … it is real!” Vasilica Rascanu, Senior Editor, Romania.

“As for my opinion of the book, I think that it is revolutionary, an invitation to everyone with enough sensitivity and wisdom to understand that the material world is not the only truth, and that we are part of the evolution that continues in other spheres, not yet visible to us. … I am sure that you are now so intrigued that you want to know more about it. I would like to invite you to open (yet further) your spirit, and to come with me on a voyage of exploration. Be among the explorers of the new world of your generation, and do not miss this chance!” Karin Lemmen, Translator, Holland.

“The book is more than excellent in its ideas and its style. … I have had a wonderful adventure. Thank you.” Nahed Ragai, Translator, Egypt.
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Re: The Science of Extraterrestrials for FREE

Postby AussieMike » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:41 pm

I read the book yesterday, it was interesting thanks for posting the link
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Re: The Science of Extraterrestrials for FREE

Postby Access Denied » Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:56 am

Thanks for the spam...

Dueling Exopoliticans... I love it.

Failed comet predications would tend to make anbody's book hard to even give away.

The Iron Skeptic nails it…

Eric Julien: The Fearmonger Who Cried Wolf ... julien.htm

I’ve done some pretty damnable things in my day. Things forbidden by the bible, such as eating oysters, trimming the hair at my temples, and wearing makeup (for a high school play.) And yet I have great faith that when I reach the pearly gates, St. Peter will look down on me, and say “Well, you’re not Eric Julien, so you couldn’t have been that bad. Go on in.”

Eric Julien is the pseudonym of one Jean Ederman, a French citizen and fear-monger. In April 2006 he predicted that a fragment from a comet would land in the Atlantic ocean on May 25, causing a mega-tsunami that would obliterate the coastlines of dozens of countries, including the United States and Morocco. The fragment of the comet was created by an alien civilization that knew it would strike the earth.

So some nutcase predicted the world was going to end. What’s the harm in that? For starters, he did a pretty thorough job of screwing over the countries with coastlines on the Atlantic. In Morocco, Abdul Muhib’s elementary school students came to him, asking “This guy is predicting a 200 meter tsunami is going to hit Morocco. Should we not come to school?" Okay, so some children didn’t come to school one day. That’s not so bad, is it?

Mustafa Jana, the head of the Moroccan Meteorological Office, had to go on national news to tell people that there was no threat of a Tsunami. NASA even got dragged into it, working to prove that there was no reason to be afraid.

Some stuffy men in suits had to go on TV. Big deal. But that’s only a taste of the panic that was created by this numbskull. His tsunami predictions caused such terror that the inhabitants of costal areas in several North African countries abandoned their homes and fled towards higher ground, anxiously awaiting the destruction slated for the 25th. People in countries as far removed as Cost Rica began preparing shelters to receive the wounded and hoarding supplies.

That’s the age we live in. One nut with a website can cause a panic that disrupts the lives of many thousands of people, cause untold headaches for governments, and suck unimaginable sums of money out of economies.

The burning question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind is why did Salla associate himself with this guy in the first place? Oh wait, here’s why…

My interest in these issues was sparked by a paper authored by Eric Julien in the April edition of the Exopolitics Journal. He argued that nuclear weapons testing forms a threat to extraterrestrial civilizations due to the disruptive effects of such weapons on the space time continuum used by extraterrestrials to visit the Earth.

Translation: “He complimented my delusional world view and profit model so I ran with it.”

Just like “Source A”…
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Re: The Science of Extraterrestrials for FREE

Postby jeandebaune » Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:57 am

Thanks Aussiemike for your comment.

Thanks to you Access Denied too.

About the prediction of the CONDITIONNAL giant tsunami alert for May 25th, 2006, you should see the whole picture. Not only the opinions of skeptics who never look at every argument and piece of information (then "skeptics" in the bad sense of the term). It's difficult to sum up the whole story that took dozens of links for the website bibliotecapleyades to report it :

and that is why Eric Julien wrote two chapters in his latest two volumes book (only in French + 1 addendum) "Les Messagers" that I pointed out above in my first post. If you want to understand the story you should read that article in French (or translate it), which represents these two chapters of the second volume of "Les Messagers" :

In two words, Eric Julien joined The Exopolitics Institute, invited by Michael Salla, as Director in July 2005, but, to be more precise, as a prominent contactee who wrote "The Science of Extraterrestrials" - the best scientific explanation to date for the UFOs and paranormal activities - and organized the World ET Referendum "Do You Wish That We Show Up ?" that is now, seven years after its first launch in September 2003, the most important ET message known in the world with more than 20 translations and close to 300,000 google links just in English.

You could think that this message is just a human text, but the thing is that it just asks each of us to answer to this question with one's mind (telepathically), with no human organization behind this message. The thing is that this message has become a reference, like his book in four languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese), the most important ones on the planet .

When Salla created his Exopolitical Institute, he wanted to create three poles : political studies (himself), exopolitical activism (Ed Komarek, co-organizer of the "Right to Know" Operation in D.C.), and the ET voice (Eric Julien). So, Julien IS NOT an "exopolicitian" at all. On the contrary, he (Eric Julien) wanted to create a balance between the human ideas of cosmic affairs and the real ones (i.e. the reality from the ET point of view).

When Eric Julien received on May 7th, 2006, the telepathic message from benevolent ETs of a POSSIBLE giant tsunami for May 25th, 2006, it was AFTER he wrote a long article about the dangers of the nuclear weapons FOR ETs (and the departed) in the third issue of the Exopolitics Journal, issued in April 2006 (this article was in fact written in French at least a year before the English version) AND while Michael Salla's wife was in Mexico to try to be supposedly boarded by an ET ship with a mexican "shaman". In reality she just was put out from Big Island not to influence (counter) Michael Salla's future and impending decision to support the Julien's tsunami alert through TWO press releases about the conditionnal tsunami alert :

Here is the article titled Are We a Security Threat to Extraterrestrial Civilizations? :

As you can see, well before Hasting's book about "UFOs and Nukes", Eric Julien knew the link between UFOs sightings and atomic bombs, and more importantly, he EXPLAINED IT with the fractal nature of the time. When a nuclear bomb explodes, it transfers time quanta from the "quantum vaccum" (spiritual world where ETs and departed are most of their time) to the material world. For info, his first article in the very first Exopolitics Journal issue was about the Science of Extraterrestrials :

Now, with this in mind, when the benevolent ETs sent the May 25th, 2006, Tsunami Alert, on April 7th, 2006, at the very moment when Julien and Salla where meditating together (with Eve Marchal, but WITHOUT Angelika Whitecliff, Salla's wife) on the Sheraton Hotel golf park in Kona, HI, this experience, involving comet fragments hitting the Atlantic ocean and creating a giant tsunami according to a previous vision of Julien, was transmitted directly to Salla by Julien without delay.

When, after some google search, Julien told Salla the very day after that 1) there was a MYSTERIOUSLY FRAMENTED comet called SW3-73P coming in May 2006, and that 2) this comet had to cross the ecliptic plane of the Earth precisely ON MAY 25th, 2006, Salla, impressed, told him that there was public discussions about the Divine Strake test . This test was a simulation of a nuclear bunker penetrator to come in Nevada end of June 2006. Knowing that ETs could openly interfere with humans only if they start a nuclear war (see why above), purpose of the Divine Strake test against Iran (!) (in 2006, this option of a preemptive nuclear war was extremely serious), it became obvious for Julien, who got a confirmation later through another ET contact, that the tsunami alert was conditionnal to the test, first step of a possible nuclear war ! Hence the two press releases made by Exopolitics Institute. Remember that Salla translated the Julien's article of the threat of nuclear weapons for ETs AND the two first articles of the tsunami alert.

That's why the first article about this alert included this condition - so, Salla was fully aware of the condition which then seemed new to him (!) - condition expressely noted by the biggest skeptics in USA, I call James RANDI :

However, we must note, Julien has a built-in escape-hatch here. Slyly inserted into his massive tirade about the “tens of millions” of victims, is a provision. He says the massive tsunamis will take place

Except if, of course, the leaders go into reverse. That enormously will depend on you, of the actions that you will take to convince them of their folly!

Yes, it’s perhaps unkind of me, but I can see the possibility that this deluded man will decide – and declare – that there were enough “positive vibes” sent out as a result of his warning, that world leaders reversed their attitudes and the “higher intelligences” out there graciously diverted the comet debris to cancel the catastrophe.

There were no "positive vibes", JUST THE CANCELLATION OF DIVINE STRAKE after that strong warning the US authorities were well aware of since they made several exercises like the FEMA "Pacific Peril" for May 23-25th, 2006 !

After having loudly discossiate himself from Julien - after the return of his wife from Mexico who influenced him not to go on with this stance - guess what, Michael Salla wrote an article called : Divine Strake vs Divine Strike ! What an opportunist !

In two words, Salla said that the cancellation of Divine Strake, among different other reasons, could have been decided by US authorities due to the ET Tsunami Alert :

In his conclusion of the article, we can find this :

Furthermore, the fact that this announcement of Divine Strake’s delay occurred on Julien’s so called "Day of Destiny" may be entirely coincidental or raises the possibility that policy makers were concerned about possible extraterrestrial intervention against plans for a preemptive nuclear war. Some of the ways extraterrestrials could intervene were described in a May 29 Aljazeera article, where I outlined a number of options that might be used by extraterrestrials to affect policy as opposed to a comet strike predicted by Julien.[30] Key among these was past historical examples of extraterrestrials deactivating nuclear weapons which would have made a successful military strike using such weapons highly questionable.


Alternatively, a possible extraterrestrial ‘Divine Strike’ may have deterred the US from pursuing such a policy thereby suggesting if Divine Strake does go ahead, it is unlikely to presage a nuclear strike against Iran. The May 25/26 announcement of the indefinite delay of Divine Strake may go down in history as the day a preemptive nuclear war was prevented by possible intervention of extraterrestrials and rising public awareness of such an intervention.

At any moment Salla has had a contact with ETs, he never received "The Science of Extraterrestrials", he never received the "Do You Whish That We Show Up" message (for which his wife, Angelika Whiteciff, made the plagiat "We Need Your Consent"), the very reasons for which he recruited Julien in the Exopolitical Institute (to which Julien generously offered $5,000 in July 2005), but suddenly, he knew much more than Julien "WHAT OPTIONS" ETs could use to "affect policy" of the humanity ! Julien said several times that it's a thing to neutralize once a nuclear missiles silo, it's another thing to erase every nuclear weapon on the Earth surface. It's not the same scale, nor the same kind of interference. So, the Salla's assumptions about the way ETs would react to a possible nuclear war were mere uninformed guesses, NOT A REAL ANALYSIS !

That's where is the big gap between exopoliticians and real contactees.

When Julien saw the kind of guy Salla really was, he immediatly resigned from Exopolitics Institute (not the opposite as stated by Salla). He even refused to participate, despite the insistance of Salla before his door, to the coming ET conference (about "peace with ETs", what a joke from Salla) Salla organized in Big Island, Hawaii, for June 2006 and where Julien had to make a lecture according to the program.

So, when the benevolent ETs said to Julien that 1) there was a risk of giant tsunami on May 25th, 2006, and 2) that tsunami would be provoked by hostile ETs who have no compassion for an irresponsible human civilization (so, not the ones in touch with Julien), Julien got no options but to warn everyone concerned on the Atlantic coasts , spending $15,000 from his own pockets (!) to do it, because "theory never saves men" (he talked about his book and explanations about the dangers of nuclear weapons for ETs and departed), "just action do it" : better "saved" than sorry...

The most important thing is the result : no WWIII in 2006. So, no giant tsunami since Divine Strake was cancelled. NO CASUALTIES ! Maybe some fear (but, with every piece of advice given by Julien, the people were supposed to go to safe places, not to panic), but surely no victims.

Anyway, you must keep in mind that the destruction of simple physical bodies (vehicle) is better than the destruction of spiritual bodies, i.e. the souls (conscious), that nuclear weapons make to the victims in the atomic explosion area. So, from the ETs stand point, the "bad" (physical body death) is better than the "worst" (spiritual body death). Since the beginning of humanity there were billions of deads, but only thousands of mere full soul disappearances in Nagazaki and Hiroshima, after which the UFOs era really began.

So, far from being the fearmonger described by the "iron skeptics", after being "named" for a Nobel Prize of Physics for "The Science of Extraterrestrials" by Michel Carmassi (Phd in Physics) in his comment of the book, Julien could also be "named" for a Nobel Prize of Peace for his double action (the World ET Referendum Message and the Conditionnal Tsunami Alert on May 25th, 2006 !). Thinking the right way could help us not to end in a massive collective destruction path !

But the world war could start in the next coming months. That's why there is no condition for the next Julien's prediction : a nuclear catastrophe close to Chattanooga in the coming days or weeks according to Julien ! But maybe this catastrophe could occur somewhere else, close to the new Julien's location from which he, and Eve Marchal, must be saved from.
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Re: The Science of Extraterrestrials for FREE

Postby AussieMike » Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:55 am

Thanks jean,
I should have better qualified my use of the word "interesting" TBH, in the context i used it, its not much more of a compliment than it is in the chinese curse "may you live in interesting times"

I find most things interesting, the use of the word wasnt an endorsement.
I found the bulk of the book, way too highbrow to have served any purpose in relating useful data.
Im sorry, but if an author needs to convey complex ideas to his/her audience, they need to find examples that convey those ideas in simple terms, analogys that bridge the gap between scientific complex ideas, and the everyday mind of the target audience.

I'd never heard of the author before or his repuation, so i was able to read it with an open mind and judge it on its merits, and not the authors history.
The idea that if UFOs are real craft being piloted by beings under intelligent control , that some or even all of them are extra temporal in nature, is an idea thats probable in my opinion.

But to be honest the book didnt "sell" the premise very well in my reading of it.
None the less im glad to have read it
Clearly Discerns Reality
Clearly Discerns Reality
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Re: The Science of Extraterrestrials for FREE

Postby jeandebaune » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:00 am

AussieMike wrote:Thanks jean,
I should have better qualified my use of the word "interesting" TBH, in the context i used it, its not much more of a compliment than it is in the chinese curse "may you live in interesting times"

I find most things interesting, the use of the word wasnt an endorsement.
I found the bulk of the book, way too highbrow to have served any purpose in relating useful data.
Im sorry, but if an author needs to convey complex ideas to his/her audience, they need to find examples that convey those ideas in simple terms, analogys that bridge the gap between scientific complex ideas, and the everyday mind of the target audience.

I'd never heard of the author before or his repuation, so i was able to read it with an open mind and judge it on its merits, and not the authors history.
The idea that if UFOs are real craft being piloted by beings under intelligent control , that some or even all of them are extra temporal in nature, is an idea thats probable in my opinion.

But to be honest the book didnt "sell" the premise very well in my reading of it.
None the less im glad to have read it

Thanks Mike for your comment again.

The Science of Extraterrestrials is like a Navy Carrier. It's the ground from which many ships are able to take off. Eric Julien also wrote "Enfants des Etoiles" after this book. Its enhanced version for FREE is "Les Messagers" in 2+1 volumes. I gave the links above. There is also the article "The Science of Extraterrestrials" which is the very light version of the book, expressed in different terms, exactly what you are looking for (i gave the link above too) :

If you properly analyse the book you will see that it ends the eternal question between ETH vs UHT ! Then, it explains every "supernatural" occurrence of every religious book or UFO / paranormal questions. I really don't understand how people can discuss subjects when the question has been answered so beautifully.

So, do not focus on the time nature (even if it's extraordinary on first glance) because the time nature is the "hows" (the means of phenomena to occur), not (all) the "whys" of the religions. The "whys" are in the second book of Julien ("Les Messagers"), and partially in my answer above (from Julien's material). That's why it would be good if someone could translate "Les Messagers" into English.
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