People Publicly Slandered by Bill Irvine y Mark Allin

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People Publicly Slandered by Bill Irvine y Mark Allin

Postby JiveTurkey » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:59 am

(Will use mostly ATS usernames)

These are only the ones that I am personally aware of.

John Lear
Jeff Ritzmann
Iori Komei
galm 1
dk3000 (he deserved it, but so do they)

I know there are more but it is late and my brain isn't firing on all 8 cylinders at the moment.

They have also ACTIVELY attempted to cause problems for the following forums:

The Conspiracy Zone
Reality Uncovered

And Bill has the nerve to post his BS thread regarding their "taking the higher ground" and not filing suit against members of other forums??


Bill and Mark have this lying to the membership of ATS thing down pat.

Bill made a comment to the effect of "we will no longer discuss these issues on said other forums and we welcome any discussion here".

This is complete nonsense. If the amigos were so open to said discussion, many many many members would not be banned and these threats would not be taking place. In fact, several of the forums they claim are attempting to harm "what they worked so hard for" would probably not exist were it not for the bullcrap that was heaped upon the founders of said forums during (and after) their time at ATS.

Bill and Mark have long engaged in attempts to slander and discredit anyone who they feel has slighted them over at ATS. Then, they are ever so quick to throw around this lawsuit babble when those people strike back.

The current membership of ATS needs to open their freaking eyes and wonder why it is that Bill and Mark are so happy to discuss the former members only AFTER they have banned them and begun their campaign to destroy their (the former member's) credibility.

There is zero tolerance at ATS for any sort of VALID questioning of ATS (read: Bill and Mark) policy.

Just take "TheDuckster" for example.

She asked a VERY simple question and expressed a concern that MAYBE things weren't as they seemed at ATS. At no time did she attack ATS or the staff, nor did she criticize ATS as a site. She was simply asking a question that had been asked by many members of ATS.

For this, she was torn apart by Bill and Mark and even had them resort to "but you met us in November, this type of questioning really hurts our feelings" garbage.

Coincidentally, she found herself unable to login to her account and was then told she must be doing something wrong because she was not banned. Interestingly enough, this exact thing seemed to start happening quite a bit around this time period to many members. Of course, they were "banned" but in a way so as to appear still active. I am assuming that this was so the owners could continue to "prove" that they were not the "bad guys".

I know I said I would no longer post on the subject of ATS. However, this crap that Bill has recently pulled is beyond pathetic and I felt the need to address it.

I'm sure many of you guys and girls here are very capable of adding to the above lists so feel free to do so.

If only the current active members of ATS could find this (and other) forums to see the actions of Bill and Mark for themselves. It seems that they only seem to get it when it happens to them.


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Re: People Publicly Slandered by Bill Irvine y Mark Allin

Postby Chiiru » Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:48 pm

Aye. You question, you get banned. Seems like....What America's about to become! Is this a trial to see how well it works? Who knows. This is becoming very rediculous, very fast.
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Re: People Publicly Slandered by Bill Irvine y Mark Allin

Postby Access Denied » Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:38 am

Hi Jasn, thank you for sharing that list with us. I don’t know what all happened to those folks but here’s the ones I’m personally aware of…


[and now Steve and Ryan too]

Like you say I’m sure there’s more… some probably still on ATS for lack of anywhere better to go and fear of being banned from ATS if they speak out so I hope they find their way to AmKon or RU.

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Re: People Publicly Slandered by Bill Irvine y Mark Allin

Postby Chorlton » Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:29 am

Maybe I should sue ?

Im hurt, Nay........ stabbed in the heart. (stands with wrist against forehead, glancing, but sadly, out of the window)

Maybe I should end it all ?

Nahh bollocks, I'll have another cup of tea and a biscuit. :D
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Re: People Publicly Slandered by Bill Irvine y Mark Allin

Postby Forestlady » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:47 pm

Please add my name to your list (Forestlady). Thank you.

With all of the sleazy operations they're doing, I would imagine that sooner or later, it will catch up to them. I see major legal problems for ATS in the future. They're clever, but they're not real bright - witness the fact that there are so many people who are on to them; if they were smarter, no one would be noticing. People like this who are good at pulling the wool over people's eyes and aren't real bright, almost always become snared in their own webs of deceit and lies.
They have become nothing more than the Weekly World News of the conspiracy world. WWN is lots more entertaining to read, though. :^o :^o
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