Oh man, the "tether incident" again?

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Oh man, the "tether incident" again?

Postby IgnoreTheFacts » Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:09 pm

With all this talk about "improving ATS' you should read yet another example of why that is impossible. ATS is only a symptom, not the cause. But, I do admit treating the symptom would allow for an easier time fixing the cause.

This thread kills me: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread687585/pg1

And specifically this post is very dear to my heart. Too bad he will probably be banned for such talk: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thr ... id11057204

Here it is copied and pasted as I'm sure they wont leave it up, lol:

reply to post by steven704

i honestly believe somebody somewhere put lots of people on a payroll to scout about websites & attempt with all their might to debunk obvious UFO footage globally

I honestly believe that somebody somewhere put LOTS of people on a payroll to scout about websites & attempt with all their might to make the UFO subject a ridiculous joke through the use of ignorance, stupidity, hoaxes, and blind open-minded followers of total idiots (like Greer, etc).

So I ask you, who is winning this imaginary war you believe is going on? The answer is obvious, just look how this subject isn't taken seriously by the very people that could actually force disclosure and scientific study. It's not because of your imaginary "disinfo agents" they don't take it seriously.

When you have LEGIONS of people that lack the education, perspective and understanding about BASIC science try to comment on things they can't and don't understand, you end up with folks coming to conclusions that make us all look like idiots. And anybody with the balls to point this out gets blasted for it.

I will see you in twenty years, let me know if any of the utter crap you read on this board daily comes true, lol.
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Re: Oh man, the "tether incident" again?

Postby RICH-ENGLAND » Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:11 pm


ive reached a point where ive lost a lot of interest in these subjects because of what we see there, the sheer stupidity of these people is unreal, just a few examples. during the new york "sightings" when i tried to show it was down to balloons some guy said something like "i cant find any scientific info on balloons, ive found some sites but they have many pages missing, must be the government trying to cover it up"....

wow, so first this guy claims they are covering up real ufos with balloons then he says they are removing info on the very thing they need for the alleged cover up!.

funny how i got millions of results for balloons and instantly found the kind of info this guy claimed had been removed...

he then ignored everything i told him....

next up during the same "event" some guy was harping on that it was a real event and arguing about everything he could until the evidence started to mount up, then he came out with the most ridiculous statement ever, he said something like "ok, maybe it was a huge psy op and stealth helicopters were releasing balloons to cover up something else"

i was astounded, this guy wouldn't accept the obvious but then comes out with that utter garbage, he was adamant that the new york earth cams were filming ufos but yet couldn't explain why they didn't film his "stealth" helicopters...

first of all there's no such thing as a stealth helicopter, the closest thing was the rah66 comanche that was cancelled years ago and if the usa did have such secret tech then they wouldn't be flying it over new york while everyone was watching and there's earth cams to film it...

the next point was they wouldn't be launching balloons from a helicopter for many reasons mainly because its the most stupidly dangerous thing you could possibly do from a helicopter, i tried explaining it to him but just gave up arguing with the moron. i told him that balloons rise so he said the helicopters down draught would push it down!. the most likely scenario would be it got pushed out to a side and then came back over the blades and then got sucked into them...

next point is that if a stealth helicopter existed it would most likely be an attack or recon helicopter and wouldn't have the cargo capacity for launching balloons...

but anyway, this is just a small example of the stupidly we have to deal with every day from 90% of the ufo crowd...

for me ive now reached a point were i just dont think there's anything to the whole ufo case, its been made up of misidentifications, hoaxes, charlatans and uneducated nonsense, even the more compelling cases have been pretty much busted, and same goes for most other related subjects...


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Re: Oh man, the "tether incident" again?

Postby Smersh » Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:22 pm

Re the "tether incident" itself, I too find it hard to believe that people still believe it's a fleet of UFOs or something. I'm pretty sure this video I'm about to post has been posted in threads at ATS so I guess some here have seen it before. In fact it might even be here at RU somewhere as well, so if it is, my apologies but I did a search and couldn't find it.

Here is is then, the "Tether Incident" fully explained in under 3 minutes and by (of all people,) "UFO Hunters."

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