Brilliant find! First point of the Season.

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Re: Brilliant find! First point of the Season.

Postby lost_shaman » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:17 am

ryguy wrote:Wow - those are really impressive pieces...nice!

Thanks for sharing the photo, it's amazing to think how old those artifacts are and how they were used so long ago...


Yes, I think they are nice myself! I love to find these artifacts (tools) and imagine what game or crops the people used them to harvest. With the points for instance you just know that who ever made any particular point you find likely had some specific animal in mind when he fashioned the point. A big Buck maybe? A large bison bull?

Then there is a human element,... Did the point makers buddy's give them a hard time if a point wasn't particularly well made? Or did a woman's mother-in-law admonish the woman if her 'Mano's' didn't meet set standards?

Obviously we can never know these things but I can't help but wonder when I find these artifacts. One thing is certain that every one of them tells a small story.

One thing I get out of it is the realization that this land of ours has been used by people for thousands of years! It's very easy to think that people have only been around for a couple of hundreds of years and if you know where to look it's easy to prove that people have been around much longer than that. I enjoy the 'Hunt' and finding the artifacts is a priceless feeling, but the perspective I've gained is worth even more! I just wish someone had taken me out to look for artifacts as a kid. IMO, this is a great hobby to enjoy with kids if you have them.
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Re: Brilliant find! First point of the Season.

Postby Nemo » Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:31 am

lost_shaman wrote:This is a real beauty of a point. Found Wednesday just before sunset on a dirt road we had never looked at before near Paradise creek here in Wilbarger Co. Tx.
Late Archaic, ca. 800 B.C.-400 B.C.

The way I found this point was awesome! .......As he was saying that I just decided to pull over and start looking right there. We both got out of the car and met up in front of the car as he was finishing talking about finding those flakes, so I said "Alright then let's find a Point!". No sooner than the words slipped off my tongue, I looked down and right at my feet this point was just lying there in the sand! "There's one right there!" So cool, too bad it isn't always that easy!

My father used to live in a city in Northern Illinois in the 1940's. Soon after they had moved into their house which was near a river, I think, he felt the urge to look down to the ground and right in front of him was a large obsidian spearpoint (as I recall his story) in perfect condition. If it was obsidian I suppose that it may have been traded from the Yellowstone area and could have come from "Obsidian Cliffs". Another case of serendipity and perhaps synchronicity.
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