Bolon Yokte and the focus of 2012

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Bolon Yokte and the focus of 2012

Postby MikeJamieson » Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:46 pm

As everyone has observed, there are tons of products out there related to serve the needs of those imagining a need for this or that product to help them prepare for imagined dramatic life changing events at the end of the year, per some imagined Maya prophecies for December 21 2012. CNBC recently chronicled commercial enterprises related to 2012 on a show called 2012.

There are in fact very limited Maya references to what is happening on December 21st, the end of the 5125 years long count calender (August 3114 BCE to December 2012). This is also equivalent to 13 baktun calendars.

There may be only one direct reference, a short report related to the end of the current 13 baktun stretch of time on an inscription at Tortuguero Monument #6, created in the 7th Century by the king at this Yukatan area site.
There are variations in the translations, but generally they suggest the return of a really old Mayan god (or, as some suggest, the nine gods of the underworld) named Bolon Yokte K'uh. Most Maya writings were destroyed by the Spanish but there are references to this god, or set of gods, in 16th century texts written on all aspects of Maya culture and history, etc. There appear to be no clear tie in to what is written there to anything identified as happening on December 21st. Another inscription was found nearby years ago and Mexican archaelogical authorites announced late last year that further study was being done but that scholars weren't sure the reference related to the end of this PARTICULAR stretch of 13 baktuns. (I think there's some reference of something Bolon Yokte did a million years ago that was pretty awesome.)

Many people associate the last frame of the Dresden Codex, showing the inverted crockodile spewing water and overwhelming land, people, etc as pointing to what is going to happen but there is actually no date associated or identified with that event.

(Dresden Codex was one of the surviving Maya texts.)

For a good review:
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