1997 Arizona UFO Report I

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1. Definitely a “dark object” is being reported.
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2. The witness gave observations that indicated a formation of lights with little or no indication of the “dark object”.
3. The witness descriptions describe a formation of lights and included observations that indicated the lights were independent of each other or there was no “dark object”.
4. This report does not relate to the event in question.
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1997 Arizona UFO Report I

Postby Access Denied » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:55 am

Witness I - I was in tempe with a bunch of my friends when we saw a group of about 5-7 lights in the sky. They seemed to stay in the same place. This was that recent Arizona sighting. But I don't get why no one mentions the stuff the planes were shooting in the air. They looked like missles, but they didn;t go in one direction. They would descend, go left, bo right, go back up, go down again, and disappear. To me what I thought it was, was the military testing missles. I got seven friends who all saw the same thing. The lights then flew south and disappeared. I submit this so late because I thought it had to be just airplanes because the whole city must have seen it. I was suprised to see this phen All observers are college students at Arizona State
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