1997 Arizona UFO Report C

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1. Definitely a “dark object” is being reported.
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2. The witness gave observations that indicated a formation of lights with little or no indication of the “dark object”.
3. The witness descriptions describe a formation of lights and included observations that indicated the lights were independent of each other or there was no “dark object”.
4. This report does not relate to the event in question.
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1997 Arizona UFO Report C

Postby Access Denied » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:55 am

Witness C - At around 8:15 on 03/13/97 four of us observed a v shaped object coming at us with bright lights. As it got closer we got out some binoculars and looked at it, what looked like white lights were actually two lights forming one. One light being green the other one was red. During this time the oddest thing about this, was there was no noise at all. There was no moon to backlight this so we could only see the lights. I thought perhaps because there was no noise that it might have been a pedal plane that I saw on the discovery channel once. It appeared to be about 1000 feet in the air. One observer is a principal at a local gradeschool, another telephone man, one dental asst., and a 14 year old.
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