1997 Arizona UFO Report F

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1. Definitely a “dark object” is being reported.
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2. The witness gave observations that indicated a formation of lights with little or no indication of the “dark object”.
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3. The witness descriptions describe a formation of lights and included observations that indicated the lights were independent of each other or there was no “dark object”.
4. This report does not relate to the event in question.
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1997 Arizona UFO Report F

Postby Access Denied » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:55 am

Witness F - The object was first spoted by ((name deleted)) at approximately 2015 on 3/13/97. The object was seen on the northwestern horizon. It appeared as a horizontal line with a red glow. We arrived home and got some binoculars to see what it was. By this time it had changed color to a brilliant white and was in the shape of a triangle. The best discription at this time was the leading edge of the B2 bomber. A light on the nose, one on either side and toward the back, then one more on either side spaced farther back than the first pair. There were five lights in all. The object moved from the northwest to the southeast, almost directly over head of our house. As it moved across the sky is believe I was able to seethe stars between the light formation. We tried to hear a sound from the objects, thinking it might be helicopters flying in formation, but there was no strobe or red and green marker lights. The formation of the five objects did not change as you would expect from aircraft. There was no change in spacing, no noise and it was as bright overhead as it was comming or going. We could not tell how high the objects were, but while discussing what we saw the next day we realized that we might have see these objects while they were over Prescott because they started out red then changed to white while over Phoenix. We do not have any explanation for what we saw, but we both saw something we've never seen before.
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