1997 Arizona UFO Report G

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1. Definitely a “dark object” is being reported.
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2. The witness gave observations that indicated a formation of lights with little or no indication of the “dark object”.
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3. The witness descriptions describe a formation of lights and included observations that indicated the lights were independent of each other or there was no “dark object”.
4. This report does not relate to the event in question.
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1997 Arizona UFO Report G

Postby Access Denied » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:55 am

Witness G - Sitting outside my place of employment, I noticed red lights in the horizon, directly north of us. After noticing, I jokingly said, "Hey guys, I think i see a UFO!" This was more of a gut fealing than a joke. My four friends then saw what I was looking at. Since we were right by Skyharbor Airport, there were commercial planes flying East and West. The red lights seamed to be lower in altittued and oblivious to the fact that it was flying directly toward commercial aircraft traffic. They were in a V formation, three red lights in front, two red lights behind and to each side. As they moved closer to us we moved into our parking lot. There seemed to be no "body" to this aircraft, only lights. When directly overhead, it was so large, it wouldnt fit it into direct vision, I had to shift my eyes to see the entire object. At this time, we realized that this was not one object, it was five, or more. The red light in back and to my right, was trailing slightly. In talking !with my co-workers, some say the lights were red, and some say they were orange. The lights slowly moved to the South, and then they were gone. Then the following day, we saw the six o'clock news ( at work ) and all doubts were gone, it was a UFO!
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