1997 Arizona UFO Report J

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1. Definitely a “dark object” is being reported.
2. The witness gave observations that indicated a formation of lights with little or no indication of the “dark object”.
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3. The witness descriptions describe a formation of lights and included observations that indicated the lights were independent of each other or there was no “dark object”.
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4. This report does not relate to the event in question.
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1997 Arizona UFO Report J

Postby Access Denied » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:55 am

Witness J - My wife and I were standing out front while she was smoking. We always look in the sky when were outside at night and I had just went in the house and sat down at the computer. I didn't even touch the keyboard when she was hysterically yelling for me to come outside. I ran outside as quickly as I could because I thought there was something happening to her. She pointed into the sky and told me to look at these lights. It was clearly obvious that it was a craft of some sort. We could see the area between the lights which had a tiangular shape, was solid and was a different shade (darker) of black than the night sky. It moved towards Sky Harbor airport as it moved away from us. It made no noise as it went by.We are in the flight path of Sky Harbor and look at the planes as they go over (about 5000 feet). In comparison, you could of lined 3-4 jet airliners end to end and hung them underneath this thingI was an aircraft maintenance specialist in the Air Force working on B-52's, KC135's, C-5's, and C141 aircraft. I have hundreds of flying ours with about a hundred of those in hostile airspace over Vietnam.I also spent 3 years in the Army Special Forces (Green Berets) as a light weapons specialist, a nuclear, biological, chemical warfare specialist. I am a certified Quality Assurance Specialist in Electronic and Software commodities for the Department of Defense and I am presently working as a Software Quality Engineer for Honeywell. I have an A.S. degree in Quality Assurance and a Bachelors degree in Management.My wife is a Network Specialist for the Arizona State Internal Revenue Service. She has an A.S. degree in Law and is working on her Bachelors degree in Information Systems.
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