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Council Visit

Postby Chorlton » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:39 am

Well did the half yearly compost heap turn out yesteday in the garden. About half a ton of the stuff !
£30 worth of lovely red brandling worms sold to the local fishing shop and around half a ton of loveley friable compost for the Veg garden.
We've got 2 greenhouses and a large polytunnel and grow loads of veg for ourselves. My wife also grows loads of Thai veg that she sells and thats totalled just over £500 this year. Not bad for a quite small plot.
Were getting an allotment soon and will grow our years supply of spuds and carrots on that.

Funny thing we had a visit from our local Environmental Health Officer as the dustmen have to report any strange or different things in their rubbish collection and had said that our bins were always only half full (we only have collections every 2 weeks now). He was amazed at how much we re-use or recycle.
I explained to him and showed him our garden.
All our waste cooked food goes to our chickens, everything, (we get around 4 eggs a day from them beauties) all waste veg peelings etc goes into the compost. Newspapers, junk mail and any letters go through a shredder, then get used as chicken bedding, after a week as bedding, that, along with the associated poo goes into the compost.
All cardboard gets left in a pile next to the compost bin and when soaked gets either dug into the veg plot or into the compost. Bottles and plastics go into Recycling bins at Tesco ever week when the wife does the shopping so the only things in our bins is rough plastic, and cat food tins, which goes into our recycle bin for the rubbish men to collect. We bought a big garden shredder so all the hedge trimmings go through that then into the compost as do all the grass from the mower. (The worms would have paid for the shedder at the next compost heap turnout) A pee into the compost bin once a week keeps it composting well.

Im not a tree hugger type but our system slowly evolved when the Council said they were only doing 2 weeks collections and gave us bigger wheely bins. We had a relatively large grassed area next to my garage which was a pain to keep tidy so we dug it up a few years back and began planting veg in it, then we got the hens and it slowly evolved from that.
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