Latest skincare breakthough - crystals from Mars

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Latest skincare breakthough - crystals from Mars

Postby pigswillfly » Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:04 pm

US Cosmetic company "Prai" has released a skincare product that is truely out of this world. Iron-Rosite crystals, found in meteorites from Mars, "activate" D-Galacturonic Acid to aid in collagen production in the skin. Is this just hype or is there a scientific basis for these claims? There is a promotional video with a NASA scientist lauding the results of NASA experiments with Iron-Rosite crystals that I saw on TV but I can't locate it anywhere now.

PRAImordial Stellar Serum helps reverse this process by counteracting the loss of collagen as we age. Its luscious formula incorporates a customized blend of ingredients including Iron Rose Crystal derived from Hematite discovered on Mars, D-Galacturonic Acid, a powerful peptide/protein complex, and thirst - quenching hydrators, all working together to support, maximize and preserve collagen levels for younger-looking skin. ... 235c09.htm
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