10th planet now Eris not Xena ;)

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10th planet now Eris not Xena ;)

Postby Hidden Hand » Fri Sep 15, 2006 8:42 pm

Oh man, I wish RU had some more forums, but I'll stick this in here..

From the Bad Astronomy Blog
Phew! I was worried that 2003 UB313 was going to be stuck with the name of Xena, but the IAU just announced that it will be named Eris. This is an interesting choice; Eris was the goddess of strife and discord (the Roman equivalent is Discordia), continuing the trend that the outer planets will be named after evil (or at least badly acting) gods.

The moon of Eris, formerly known as Gabrielle, is now Dysnomia, the goddess of lawlessness.

anyway - just had to post this as a ;)
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