Wobbly Space Legs

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Wobbly Space Legs

Postby Zep Tepi » Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:05 pm

Taken from Sky News, here.

Astronaut Collapses Twice
Updated: 19:21, Friday September 22, 2006

Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper has collapsed twice during a welcome home ceremony for the space shuttle Atlantis.

She was appearing with other astronauts from the shuttle, which touched down in Florida on Thursday morning.

Ms Stefanyshyn-Piper appeared to be confused before her legs buckled while she was speaking.

NASA officials and crew members braced her and lowered her to the ground.

She stood up again, and the crowd applauded. She said: "Boy, if that's not a little embarrassing."

However, after speaking for another half-minute or so, she again appeared confused and gripped the podium.

Crew members stepped to her side and lowered her to the floor. She was taken from the hangar by several NASA officials through a side door.

Officials said she was becoming reacclimatised and was not taken to a hospital.

The Atlantis crew returned after performing the first construction work on the international space station since the Columbia disaster 3½ years ago.

They performed three gruelling spacewalks to hook up a 17.5-ton addition. The new piece includes a giant set of electricity-producing solar panels.
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