Could this be the beginning of a new legend?

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Could this be the beginning of a new legend?

Postby Max » Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:32 pm

Recently, using mostly OM bandwith, Dan Smith has clearly attempted to attach a phenomenological cause to the losses of the USS Scorpion, a nuclear attack submarine, the loss of the Soviet submarine K-129 and the piracy of the USS Pueblo surface vessel.

According to Dan, the soviet K-129 was a "rouge" Soviet submarine, partially tied in to North Korea's Kim Jung Il. It attempted to launch nuclear missiles at Hawaii, in an attempt to wipe out Pearl Harbor. For years, rumors among fringe groups have told this story and have said that the Soviet sub was sunk by the USS Swordfish, another attack sub. The same fringe group investigators have stated that the Scorpion was later sunk by the Soviets in retaliation for the sinking of K-129.

Now, however, Dan attaches the additional angle that demons had pushed the buttons and angels sunk the boat. According to a very convoluted story told by Dan, the big picture in this is that the eschaton was being triggered by attempting to have the US, the Soviet Union and China go to nuclear war against one another and wipe each other off the face of the earth.

The seizure of the USS Pueblo had helped them obtain codes, etc which had made it possible to facilitate K-129's mission.

Wow!, Nice Plot!

For those of us interested in how these type of stories get started, take on a life of their own, gain momentum and eventually become mainstream tales in ufology, this is a fascinating development. We could be witnessing the start of something akin to the Roswell story. Especially since Dan is telling us that Ron and another colleague in the know are pushing him on this story!

Are we witnessing the beginning of a new viral meme that will attach itself, remora-like, to this field? Time will tell. In any event, it will be an interesting sociological experiment.
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